Please Don’t Be a Robo-Coach

I have created a lot of Done-For-You content for health and wellness coaches/practitioners. During my maniac product-creation phrase, I have come across the idea of a done-for-you signature system many times but for some reason unknown to me back then, I could not do it. My creation process is very intuitive and if I drag my feet on a project and it sits on the docket for weeks, I call it a no-go and instead of muscling through it, I look at WHY I am dragging my ass.

A year later, after much work to peel back the layers, I realized what was really behind this…

I highly value individuality and creativity. Although I provide pre-written content for heath coaches, I make sure that I leave space and include prompts for personalization so each individual coach’s personality can shine through. I hate cookie cutter stuff and I want to make sure that my products are helping my clients by freeing them up from writing the “bullet points” (hey, the human body hasn’t changed for ages!) so they can spend the energy on making the content and their marketing communication their own.

Creating content that people can plug into their individual business is one thing. Giving people a prescribed “way of doing things” that will inevitably “shape” their approach (or even trajectory) in their business is another.

I never want to be prescriptive. It is not “my way or the highway.” Looking back, designing a signature system/program feels too confining to me – maybe I haven’t cracked the code yet, but I could not envision a way to do it without sending my clients down a path that may not allow them to bring their brightest gifts to the forefront. It may be a nice shortcut at first glance, but it’s a disservice in the long run. I don’t want to encourage people to follow systems and programs blindly, believing that it is “the answer”. Doing that is robo-coaching.

Clients pay you for YOU, not your handouts or your signature system

If it doesn’t help them get what they want,
your fancy system has NO value to them.

Coaching (especially on the 1:1 level) is a personal thing. It’s not just about delivering content. Your clients pay you, instead of the other coach, not for the information only (they can go to THE google for that). Going through changes is an intimate process, and clients need someone they can trust, relate to and resonate with – someone uniquely suited to their value, personality and emotional needs – to go through the journey with them. So step up from hiding behind some cookie cutter stuff and start “using your own words.”

A signature system or program that doesn’t come from your “SWEET SPOT” (which, I define as “Your People + Their Problems + Your SUPERPOWER) will feel forced to everyone – including yourself. Your clients can smell it, and you will have no fun. It is painful for everyone. And if you are forcing your agenda on your clients, you are not being the most powerful coach you can be for them. (More on this in this post)

A powerful coach holds the space so the clients can step up.
And that space cannot be suffocated by “other people’s stuff”.

Finding your voice takes work, Heart & Guts. And it HURTS.
You will have to challenge your beliefs deeper than you think you can
and give up your security blanket(s).
You will have stop “dutifully” following “blueprints” and “system”, and put
100% of YOU on the line. Nowhere to hide, nothing to take the blame.

But it will pay off hugely.
It is not just about getting clients, it is about stepping up to
CLAIM YOUR GIFTS and build a meaningful business.
When you step up fully to use your unique Superpower,  everyone benefits.

Don’t Be a Robo-Coach – Find YOU In Your Biz

  1. Nail your Sweet Spot by getting crystal clear on “Your People + Their Problems + Your SUPERPOWER” and CLAIM IT! If you claim your gift (your superpower), you are acknowledging and bringing forth your uniqueness that will attract your ideal clients.
  2. Design a framework, have NO agenda – hey, look up from the handouts for a sec… pay attention, connect the dots, ask the right questions (not just the formulaic high mileage questions) and frame content/actions in a way that work for the client. You are working with REAL people with real lives.
  3. Use your perception (not your brain, which usually just default to spieling out facts) – it is about profound EMPATHY and care so you can go deep, without being sucked into the clients’ stories and emotions. Healthy boundary set by a powerful coach creates and holds space for growth.

Yes, this is SACRY!

If it’s not, I won’t be writing about it. Who says I am always “love and light”??

Get over the fear. You may be tempted to hide if you have the Fear of being Inadequate – if you think “you are not good enough” you may want to put something you think is “better than your stuff” up as a “shield”. Or, you may be tempted to duck from the line of fire if you have the Fear of being Vulnerable – when “other people’s stuff” and not yours is on the line, the criticism doesn’t hurt so much.

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{{{ DARE }}}

Put all of YOU into your work. Doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel, but don’t put the cart before the horse. Step up and CLAIM your GIFTS where it counts. Get over yourself – as in, the ego that hangs with the itty bitty shitty committee in your head.


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