Pitching Detox 101 Workshop to Whole Foods

This is the proposal that I sent to Whole Foods (Venice, CA) – I eventually got a meeting with the marketing department and am right now in the process of setting up a time for the workshop.

The best way to make the first contact is to call and ask to speak to the person in charge of marketing. Also ask for the email address so that you can send the proposal ahead of time. Keep calling – most of them seem to be spread quite thin – until you get to speak with him/her and discuss next step (e.g. meeting in person).

The proposal is based on Slideberry’s Detox 101 presentation – you can find it here.

Detox 101 Workshop Proposal

Workshop Overview

Detoxification has become a very popular topic in recent years. There are many different approaches and programs out there. This talk aims to demystify the process and get to the bottom of the basic principles.

The workshop will deliver simple and practical tips that participants can apply right away to reduce their exposure to environmental toxins without having to spend a ton of money on supplements or programs.

During this class, participants will learn the basics on how toxins affect the body and how they can reduce their exposure to environmental toxins.

We will discuss:

  • Symptoms of toxicity
  • Sources of environmental toxins
  • How to reduce exposure to environmental toxin
  • How to use herbs to support the body’s natural detoxification process
  • The basic principles of metabolic detox
  • How you can detox safely


Benefits for Whole Foods

– The class emphasizes using fresh organic produce to reduce exposure to herbicides and pesticides. There will be opportunities to introduce Whole Foods’ wide array of fresh organic produce, and the clear labeling system so that customers can easily navigate the produce section.

– The class will talk about reducing exposure to chemicals by using personal and household products containing natural, non-toxic ingredients. This presents a great opportunity to showcase the wide range of natural personal and household products that Whole Foods carries, and encourage participants to try them. (I am a big fan of the 365 brand, and I feel very comfortable speaking to their value and quality)

– The class will introduce herbs that help support the body’s natural detox process. This is a great opportunity to introduce some of the herbal teas and supplements that are available at Whole Foods.

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