Pickle, Hoisin Sauce and Living Life My Way

Stop Living On Autopilot

Although having grown up in Hong Kong and eating Chinese food for the first 19 years of my life, I rarely used hoisin sauce because my mom never bought it for our home (not sure why, probably my parent’s taste buds!) It was not until I met my husband when I got “indoctrinated” to “American Chinese” food that involves liberal usage of (what my husband calls) the “Chinese ketchup”.

Growing up, I was no stranger to McDonald’s either (I know, don’t start!) My parents used to take the pickle out of the hamburger before we ate so I did that for over 20 years without questioning why. In fact, I think I ate a total of 5 pickles in my life before I met my husband!!

I did not develop these two preferences or habits because I have tried the two food and decided that I didn’t like them. I rarely ate them because I was conditioned to not eat them, influenced by the preference and habit of my family.

This led me to wonder what habit, thought patterns etc. that I have today are seeded during my childhood, by my family? How are they influencing the way I make decision today? The way I interact with and interpret the world today? How is it affecting the way I build my business, invest in myself, and define “success”?

Having done quite a few programs on personal development, I am well aware of how things happen during childhood affect the way we see and interact with the world today. However, as someone growing up middle-class with no childhood drama, I always think it’s for people who do experience more traumatic experience growing up. Even though I intellectually understand the idea, it never occur to me how it is relevant to my own growth.

When the experience/revelation of hoisin sauce and pickle struck me the other day (you guess it, after chinese food dinner!), I began to take a deeper look at how family conditioning is affecting the way I grow my business today. When I take any action, I am cultivating the mindfulness to see if this comes from a place of conscious decision or if it comes from past conditioning.

We cannot change our past, but by being aware of what drive our decisions can help us take action that is align with our vision, our mission and our value.

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