A Perfect Match: Wellness Pros and Pinterest

by Melanie Deardorff

Unless you’ve been hiding in the woods and living off the grid, you know that Pinterest burst on to the social media scene in a huge way. Businesses of all types – from huge brands, to mom-and-pop stores, to solopreneurs – use Pinterest to get their messages out in a visually compelling way.

Health and wellness pros have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, too. They’re finding it to be a great channel for sharing their passion about healthy living and eating. And with Pinterest being all about the visuals, they find it to be a perfect fit for the vibrant, positive and informational messages they share.

I reached out to some health coaches and wellness pros to interview them for an ebook I was writing, because I’d seen them on Pinterest, liked what they were doing and wanted their thoughts on what works and what doesn’t. Their enthusiasm for Pinterest was exciting to see, and the advice they shared was inspirational.

Not sure if pinning for a health and wellness business makes sense for you? Well, do you want more …

  • Traffic. Amanda Cook, a certified health coach, online strategist and owner of two businesses, told me she first joined Pinterest for fun. “And then something unexpected happened,” she said. “Pinterest became my biggest referral traffic source (after Google organic search results)! So I did more of what was working ─ creating more boards, pinning more content – and saw my traffic from Pinterest increase even more.”
    Amanda’s traffic-driving strategy includes making it easy for people who visit her sites to pin her images on Pinterest. “I installed a WordPress plug-in, jQuery Pin It Button, that displays a ‘Pin’ symbol when a reader hovers over the image. You could also put a little link below the image to pin the content.”
  • Creativity. With Pinterest, you’re only limited by your imagination. Sure, you want to stay “on topic” and keep health and wellness a focus, if you’re pinning for your wellness practice. But showing you’re not just all about greens and gluten-free living gives people the opportunity to really get to know you.
  • Kandice Poirier, AADP certified holistic health coach, effectively shares a variety of her interests on Pinterest. She says, “Among my Pinterest boards, you’ll find a fashion board, a board with things I admire for each of my daughters (like room decor and fun craft ideas), a board of pure snark (because I can be a bit snarky!), my health coaching ideas and freebies, recipes I pin from my health coaching blog, beautiful and creative lunches. I pin from my kids’ food website, a ‘did it’ board (this is my favorite!) and a few others.”
  • Targeted messaging. Laura London, The Green Fitness Goddess, fitness and holistic health coach, knows her target market and also how to best reach them on Pinterest. She says, “Women love Pinterest, especially woman in my target market, who are ages 35-45. They are interested in health, wellness and getting back into shape. I designed my Pinterest boards to meet their needs. It’s like one-stop shopping. I pin my healthy recipes, fitness videos and also my blog posts from my website and YouTube channel. First, I use key words to title my boards that women are searching for. Then I add a description to the pin with a clickable link back to my site or YouTube channel, which helps to drive traffic to those sites. I also add hashtags to the description, which is another way people search for a specialized board such as #lowerbodyworkout.”

Other benefits to using Pinterest: It’s an easy-to-use social network, and there are many group boards on health and wellness that you can join and pin to.

Don’t miss the opportunity Pinterest affords you. Even if you spend just 15-30 minutes a day on it (and, watch out – it can be quite addicting), you’ll grow your online presence and bring more traffic to your site, which could add up to new clients and connections down the road.

About Melanie Deardorff

Melanie is a wife, mom, digital strategist, social media enthusiast and certified health coach. She blogs at SocialMediaforWellnessPros.com, where you can find her “Pinning their passion and purpose: Pinterest advice from 17 health coaches and wellness pros” ebook. She spends her free time being an active community manager for two Facebook groups, Social Media for Health Coaches and Health and Wellness Bloggers. Melanie’s the past president of the International Association of Business Communicators (Kansas City chapter) and a Marketing Advisory Council member for the PKD (polycystic kidney disease) Foundation.

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