5 Simple Steps To Overcome Program Launch Procrastination

When it comes to launching programs, I always “build the plane as I fly” – and tell me clients to do the same. It doesn’t mean going into the creation and launching process blindly, in fact, it is the best way to figure out what your target market wants and avoid wasting precious time, effort and money if you don’t have enough buyers.
Here are the simple steps you can take to launch you next program fast:
  1. Target Market Research – find out what your target market will actually pay for before you write a single word. You can send out a survey and even pick a few loyal fans to have a brief conversation. Make sure you record the exact way that they describe their desired outcome or biggest challenges – you would want to use those exact wordings when you craft your sales page. (I will write a blog post on target market research soon, stay tuned!)
  2. Create an Outline – based on target market research, refine your topic and create an outline.
  3. Craft a Juicy Sales Page – Using your outline, and what you find out about your market’s biggest desire and challenges, create an enticing sales page that focuses on the benefits of your program and how it will solve your market’s problem.
  4. Promote your program – and watch the dough rolling in. Meanwhile, start writing and producing the first one or two modules of your program so that you will be ready to go. Remember, you only need to be one module ahead of your participants! As you promote the program, you can gather more feedback and refine your materials.
  5. Plan B – what if you don’t get enough folks to sign up first time around? Troubleshoot and see what you can improve. If the program really doesn’t fly, chalk it up to a good learning experience and know that you didn’t spend the time creating all the content!  (Don’t forget to appropriate any content you have written for blog posts, newsletter articles etc.)

This is a great approach to get procrastinators out of inaction or perfectionist out of analysis paralysis. When people sign up and pay you for the program, you are under the pressure to get it done by a certain date and deliver the materials as promised. What better motivation can you get?

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