I Am Opinionated, Selfish & Not “Spiritual” – And Why It’s Good For Business And Happiness

This is a slightly longer piece. I have sounded it out for you – with my still-hoarse-from-flu-allergy-and-a-lot-of-throat-chakra-work voice:

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tweet75x60I Am Opinionated, And It’s Good For Business And Happiness

Back in cubicle-ville, I didn’t have much opinion about anything because most things just didn’t matter enough for me to have an opinion (which can take a lot of energy) – so I was “nice” but I felt “blah”. Being “nice” was slowly killing me.

After finding my groove in this “Business Soulwork” thing, I let my soul speak up and become what some may call “opinionated”. I started to write/speak/opinionate from my Heart & Guts.

I dare to be the sore thumb, and I grew.

The biggie: get over my EGO – the part of me that fears being vulnerable if I put my raw/original ideas in front of others and get criticized for questioning the status quo. The part of me that seeks approval by staying in the “mainstream” and following the blueprints. The part of me that wants to be safe by keeping within the boundary of “tried-and-true” (c’mon, how many more “7 Ways to xyz” blog posts do we need??!) These are the shit we hold onto for a false sense of identity. It has piled up so high that we can’t even see the bottom. When you dare to toss them all out, you see FREEDOM underneath.

It is good for business: I found my superpower and I claim it. I have a “unique selling proposition” (as the “gurus” would call it.) I am the Intuitive Business Soul-Stormer + No BS Online Marketing Strategist who helps coaches nail their schtick that is completely aligned with their souls and then translate it into smart strategies & actionable tactics. I am getting more clients who I love to work with. I don’t waste time and money chasing after bright shiny objects that I don’t align with (which turns out to be quite a few, so I saved big!)

It is good for happiness: I feel ALIVE. I am PASSIONATE about what I stand for. I stand for something that is MEANINGFUL to me, and I dare to step up for it. It is good for the soul, when the soul feels good, bliss ensues.


tweet75x60I Am Selfish, And It’s Good For Business And Happiness

I don’t say “yes” to all requests that come my way. I put what feeds my soul first, even if it means saying “no” to things that I am “supposed” to do. I do not attend to household or family things during my work hours, except for emergency – they just have to wait. I don’t do things that make me feel ever so slightly like a martyr. I don’t do things for free or for a song, there needs to be a fair exchange of energy – I want to be fully acknowledged and appreciated, that is my life purpose written on my hands.

My life, my biz, my way.

“Good boundary” – that’s what it is. Some people would judge and call good boundary selfishness. Be that way. At the end of the day, I hold others around me to a higher standard, and it in turn makes my world better and easier to manage.

It is good for business: I charge what I know to be a fair exchange of energy for my services – which means, not cheap. When I feel appreciated, I put in my heart and deliver above and beyond. I get committed clients who do the work and get results (great testimonials à more business). I don’t have to see clients all the time to make the money I want to make, which means I have the space to give my best to my peeps. I don’t develop life-sucking relationships, either with partners or with clients. I am productive as hell during my work hours because I don’t attend to other people’s shit.

It is good for happiness: I have SPACE. I have the time to REFLECT and write. I have the ROOM to grow. I give priority to make the person who will be with me forever happy. I say YES to myself, and it inspires and benefits those who respect my boundary.

My boundaries may not be your boundaries.
But good boundaries make powerful coaches.



I Am Not “Spiritual”/ “Heart-Centered”/ “Authentic”/ “Divine Feminine”, And It’s Good For Business And Happiness

Labels are prison bars. Sadly, most of the time, we put ourselves in jail by using cliché labels and limit what is truly possible. Most of these terms are being “abused” in many communications in the marketplace – what do they even mean?

I don’t want to meet a certain set of expectations, act certain ways, and say certain things, because I have labeled myself as such and be enslaved to avoiding cognitive dissonance.

What is someone “spiritual” supposed to do? If you describe yourself as “authentic” left and right without thinking what this word really means to you, are you really authentic? And don’t get me started on the “divine feminine” – every single website that has anything to do with this phrase seems to be all curly and sparkly, pink and purple, soft and mushy. Yawn (shit, I have probably stepped on a few toes here, don’t hate me because I dare to say what I think)

I dare to say what I want to say, do what my soul wants me to do, without having to reference back to a set of predetermined labels approved by society as positive and desirable.

It is good for business: I stand out. I say what I need to say without conforming to expectations. I am soulful without the pink and sparkles so my brand image is distinct. I have the creative license to do things that grow me and my business as quickly as my intuition guides me to, without being bound by labels (they are just words, but they stick around like the gum you step on.)

It is good for happiness: Fully expressing myself through everything I do, being creative and innovative is my calling. Anything less than that is soul sucking. Soul sucking does not contribute to happiness. Period.

Dig what’s here?

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