Claim Your Freedom, Mama! :: Build a Solid Coaching Business Online with Grace and Ease

Calling All Mom-Coaches!

Are you starting your coaching practice, feeling overwhelmed and

don’t know where to begin to make the most out of your limited “work time”?

Do you want to streamline your projects and work smarter

to boost your efficiency (and actually get things done!)?

Do you want to boost your online presence and strengthen your digital marketing muscles

to reduce the time pressure for in-person, “real time” client and marketing activities?

Do you want to design a business and lifestyle that truly reflects your desire to

balance being a mom and an entrepreneur?

Do you want to create more FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY in your life?

Do you want an accountability and support system that will

cheer you along as you pursue your dream?

Yes, you can have it all, without sacrificing those precious moments with your child, before s/he says, “Mom, you are not cool anymore!”

my lil monkey

This is my lil’ trouble maker 🙂

I know the challenges because I am right there in the trenches with you! I know how it is when you have a screaming kid while you are trying to finish up a phone call so you lock yourself in the bathroom while the kid is banging on the door and you feel both guilty and unprofessional…

During my recent “nanny crisis” my work time got slashed in half – I am left with two half-days during which I can schedule any client or appointment that does not allow “kid in the background” noises. First came panic, then I realized that I just need to leverage the hell out of the online presence and system that I have been building!

Thanks to the strategies and the work that I have put into creating an online presence and leveraging my knowledge into information products, I experienced the highest grossing month when I was going through my nanny crisis (and I have since surpassed that # this month)! This experience made me realize the importance of creating flexibility in our entrepreneurial lifestyle so that we can be mom and build a business at the same time – life is too short to wait!

My experience inspired me to create this program, so that I can share these tools and strategies with you to help you grow a business and be there to enjoy your family.

Me and my lil’ Monkey, who likes to go “see boats” by the ocean with mommy

In the Claim Your Freedom, Mama! Group Coaching Program, you will align your lifestyle and your business:

  • Get a ton of clarity so that you can power up your plan with clear direction and inspired action.
  • Up level your mindset so that you can achieve success with grace and ease.
  • Boost your online presence and reduce the time pressure for in-person, “real time” client and marketing activities.
  • Create virtual-based products and services to help you leverage your limited time and availability, and increase your flexibility.
  • Develop ways to network with partners and reach out to potential clients by leveraging online tools.
  • Get guidance on time and project management so that you can streamline your tasks and boost your efficiency.
  • Get resource and tools to help you fast track your implementation.
  • Have a community of like-minded moms who will give you a ton of support and accountability.
  • Most importantly, YOU WILL CREATE MORE FREEDOM IN YOUR LIFE, and learn the tools and systems that will help you create a sustainable LONG TERM PROFIT PLAN!

I have talked to a bunch folks from the Super Momster Sneak Peak Tribe, and a lot of you want support in the area of TIME MANAGEMENT. Rest assured, besides the one whole module that is all about time and project management, all these system and tools that I will be sharing with you will help you streamline your operation and marketing activities, so that you can do more in less time! I love efficiency, so don’t worry!

Curious what we are going to cover? Download this FREE “Claim Your Freedom :: Build a Solid Coaching Business Online with Grace and Ease” audio training in which I will talk about the 5 critical elements of my Online Freedom Blueprint – the system that we will be following in this program.

Each week, we will focus on one area of building your business – you will get step-by-step instructions on what to do, as well as tools and templates whenever applicable to help you fast track your implementation. You will have an assignment each week so that you will finish the week with something to show for. You will also get bonus materials on the topic so that you can take it to the next level – whenever you are ready.

Module 1 – Get Crystal Clear and Upgrade Your Mindset for Success

Knowing your vision, mission, what your business stands for and where you want your business to be before you start doing anything can save you a lot of time and energy. Imagine having to redo all the website content and marketing materials 3 months down the road because you were not sure about your direction when you started!

You will also get a mindset upgrade to help you success with more grace and ease.

“Something to show for”: a clearly defined personal brand, mission and vision that will guide your inspired action and boost the effectiveness of your effort.


Module 2 – Make Your Website Work Harder For You

Having a website that reflects your brand, tells your story and positions your products and services as the solution to your target market’s problem is not an option if you want to establish a solid online presence.

You will learn how to create website content that truly reflects your brand, allows you to connect with your audience, attracts more clients and brings in leads and sales. We will nail the basics and you will also get “advance” tactics as bonus materials to show you how to grow your website as your business grows.

“Something to show for”: updated content for your website to create a solid foundation for your business.

“Take It To the Next Level Bonus”: Beyond the Basics Website Content Creation ($50 value)


Module 3 – Turn Your Tribe Into Paying Customers

Enticing people to sign up for your newsletter is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn how to communicate with your tribe effectively so that they are ready to buy from you when you launch your programs or products.

You will learn how to grow your list and stay in touch – people buy with emotions so cultivating a relationship with your warm leads is one of the best ways to convert prospects into customers. Learn the keys to setting up your newsletter, enticing people to sign up, and building a cozy relationship with your list.

“Something to show for”: a (spiced up, if you have one already) newsletter template and juicy sign up offer on your website that will help you grow your list.

“Take It To the Next Level Bonus”: Grow Your Business with Smart Content Marketing Strategies ($50 value)


Module 4 – Leverage Your Knowledge and Your Time

Offering group programs or information products can bring in income without a huge in-person, “real time” commitment, or “make money while you sleep” (or stuck in the pediatrician’s office!).

You will learn tips and tools on how to launch your program or product fast, without compromising quality.

“Something to show for”: a plan and an outline of the programs and products that you will be developing.

“Take It To the Next Level Bonus”Generate Income Before Creating Your Own Program with Affiliate Marketing ($xx value) AND The Complete And Concise Guide to Creating, Positioning, and Marketing Profitable Information Products ($39 retail value)


Module 5 – “Get Out There” Without Leaving Home

Building a professional network is essential to extending your reach and take your business to the next level. Thankfully there are more ways than getting out to in-person networking events so that you can network on your own terms.

You will learn the tools and ways that you can attract prospects, build referral relationships, and meet people without dragging yourself to 6am networking breakfasts (after a sleepless night with a sick child) or 7pm cocktail parties (isn’t the domestic chaos of cooking dinner, bed time rituals and trying to fit in an adult conversation with your spouse enough excitement?). Use social media to extend your reach and “be everywhere”.

“Something to show for”: a signature talk that you can use for teleseminars and talks – lather, rinse and repeat.


Module 6 – Time Management, Life Management, Working From Home

Creating efficiency is paramount when you are juggling personal, family and career responsibilities all under one roof.

You will learn how to prioritize your tasks and manage your projects so that they fit into your life, not the other way around. You will also get tips and tools to increase your efficiency, and see how you can set up your life and your home to maximize your productivities.

“Something to show for”: a project plan that maps out the top 3 tasks which you want to accomplish to propel your business forward.

“Take It To the Next Level Bonus”: Get Up and Running Resource List ($50 value)

You will also get valuable tools and templates to fast track your implementation. These may include (the list may evolve as we progress so that I may give you the most useful tools to suit where you are):

  • Guided writing exercise ($50 value)
  • Website content templates ($50 value)
  • Email template ($9 retail value)
  • One Done-For-You Content Package ($19 in retail value)
  • Sample step-by-step product launch timeline ($50 value)
  • Workshop presentation outline ($30 value)
  • Project plan template and sample timeline for typical projects ($75 value)

Plus, complimentary membership to GOTMIB Success Circle for the duration of the program to give you extra support. ($30 retail value)

What People Are Saying:

“My experience in working with Ling was fantastic.  She is so knowledgeable and organized and supportive. Her program is ideal for someone who is either starting out building an online coaching business or who is procrastinating because you don’t know where or how to start.”

– Diane Guillory, CHC, AADP

“Ling knows how to create a structure to focus on what’s important and keep you on track through all the “noise” of being in business. Her straightforward manner and honest approach supported me in staying motivated and continuing to take steps forward.”

– Julie Stiles, CHHC

What you will get:

  • 6 sets of audio home study components, released weekly ($600 value)
  • Transcript for all audio materials ($300 value)
  • 3 60-minute group live Q&A + Laser Coaching calls ($450 value)
  • “Take It To the Next Level” Bonuses ($190 value)
  • Bonus tools and templates to help you fast track your implementation ($285 value)
  • 2 months complimentary membership to GOTMIB Success Circle ($30 retail value)
  • $30 Slideberry credit for use on any done-for-you materials or how-to guides ($30 retail value)

Total value of this program package is over $1880!

(keep reading for early bird discount and limited quantity bonus!)

Program Schedule

  • All audio home study components will be release on Tuesdays: 6/5, 6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/3 and 7/10
  • The 3 live Q&A + Laser Coaching calls will be held on Wednesdays 6/13, 6/27 and 7/11

So, how much is creating more FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY in your life worth to you,

so that you can express your purpose, live to your fullest potential

while enjoying time with your family?

Total value of this group coaching program package is over $1880 – but you will be getting it at 80% off!

At just $397, you will have all the knowledge, tools and support to build a business that supports your lifestyle!

And, did I mentioned earlier a limited quantity bonus? Yes!

The first 5 people who signs up for this program will also get a bonus 30-minute 1:1 coaching call with me ($75 value),

no strings attached!

What are you waiting for?

On the fence? Try it out on the house – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Join today, and if you don’t see any movement in your business within 60 days of implementing all the tools and strategies in this program, let me know and you will get 100% of your investment back in the form on Slideberry credit for use in any done-for-you materials, how-to guides or coaching/consulting services.

P.S. You don’t have to work your butt off to have a thriving business that feeds your soul! You can have it all, right here, right now, with the right strategies to create a business that supports a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. You can leverage your time and your knowledge, you can help more people, and you can get out there make it big without missing out on other precious moments in your life! Say YES to your LIFE today! 

Still got questions? Email – don’t regret your decision.

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