One Word You Need For Success

oh, in my Skype chat with my biz girlfriend Lori Kennedy (who turned herself from a struggling holistic nutritionist to owning a business with a successful licensing program) , we definitely talked about way more than one thing. But, at the end of the conversation, I asked her to with us that ONE thing you need to have in order to succeed, in whatever you do.

Here is what we covered:

  • What is wrong with most 1:1 coaching models – why it is a struggle for so many to “make it big”
  • What most certification programs don’t teach us (enough) that is essential to creating client-attracting offerings
  • My “tough love” moment
  • Essential (basic, simple) components you need to have in your marketing tool kit
  • Lori’s upcoming certification program that gives you turnkey materials to fast track your business
  • Lori’s one word advice on building a successful business


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