One Sentence To Get You “Launching”


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If you have been “thinking” about launching a program or product, but have been sitting on it for a while… are you telling yourself something like this: “I have to wait till ________ before I can put this out into the world.”?

Are you being held back by the illusion that somehow, everything can be perfectly lined up, and you have to wait for that moment so you can have the launch of a lifetime?

Here is the deal – if you insist on waiting for the perfect moment and use this as an excuse to not take action, it’s time to shake things up. More often than not, this is an excuse you use to hold yourself back from taking the necessary action, so you don’t have to face your deeper fears and limiting beliefs.

This is a convenient front your subconscious mind puts up so you don’t have to deal with your deep-seated programing, in order to keep you “safe” in the status quo.

To get into action, to launch “that next big thing”:


You can only learn from being in the trenches. You can only get better if you do it over and over again. Starting small is a great way to get practice and get good. You will not only refine your launch process to create a plan that suits you, that you can “lather, rinse and repeat”, you will also be able to learn more about your market along the way and create better products that are valuable and relevant to your ideal clients (and sells!!)

My products are not perfect. But I keep launching anyway because the more I do this work, the better my process and my products become.

After spending 10 days traveling in France for the first half of October, I returned and launched TWO things in the span of a week – with no outside help (unless you count Mr. 14-months-old throwing Cheerios around). October was a 5-figure revenue month – even though I took half of it off. If I haven’t been rapid-fire “launching” products for the past 18+ months, I would not have been able to pull this off – and get the results I want.

If I am still sitting on my ideas of products, instead of launching:

  • Simone might not be able to launch her detox program while adding 300 subscribers to her list, like she did by implementing the Rock Your Detox Program Launch System. She might not be able to grow her health coaching practice to full capacity in just 6 months while working a full-time job, like she did by using many other slideberry Done-For-You materials.
  • Kim might not be able to confidently rock for her first workshop event and then went on to land more group clients, like she did by using the Corporate Wellness Power Pack.
  • Terra might not be able to whip up a timely Healthy Holiday Workshop in less than a week – just in time to get more clients with this seasonal topic – like she did by leveraging the Thrive This Holiday Season Done-For-You Presentation.

When you are holding yourself back because of some “stories” you are telling yourself – that your ducks have to line up – you are doing the world a disservice.


Only you are watching your every move under the microscope.
The rest of the world don’t care.

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