One Killer Question For Your Discovery Session

This is one of my favorite questions to ask in a discovery session:

What Do You Want Your Business To Do For YOU?

If you are a health coach, you can replace “your business” with “a healthy body”.

I find it to be a very powerful question. We often find ourselves “doing things” for our bodies, instead of thinking what a healthy body can do for us!

This question taps right into the benefits your potential client is looking for, and gets them to connect a healthy body with the emotions of being able to achieve what they want to achieve.

Answer to this question will give you a lot of insight when you present your offering to your potential client (and get her to say YES!), because you can highlight the benefits of your program based on what they want to be doing and how they want to be feeling with a healthy body.

Speaking of discovery session…

Someone told me she would pay a few hundred dollars for the AHAs she got from just chatting with me for 30 minutes. Want to have one with me?

Stephanie M

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