Online Marketing Awesomeness :: 30 Tactics to Boost Your Email Marketing

You have a list, so what?

If you cannot convert your list of potential clients into paying customers, you may have a writing hobby (writing newsletter, that is), but not really a business (something that generates a profit), right?

The question is – is your list making you money?

I have heard coaches breaking 6 figures with a list of 500, and I have heard people with a giant list but making minimum wage. Of course there are many factors affecting success, but to get your potential clients to buy your big-ticket item as a coach (and dealing with something private such as health), you can’t just send out a few promo emails once in a while and hope for the best. You need to cultivate a relationship with your tribe, and build the “Like, Know and Trust” factor over time so that when the need arises for the type of products and services you offer, you will be top of mind.

Email is a great way for you to cultivate this relationship with minimal effort. True, it may take longer to build that trust factor because there is no “face time” –  but it allows you to reach as many people as you want very efficiently and you are not limited by geographic locations.

Well-crafted email newsletters or marketing campaigns can be very effective ways to:

  • Engage your tribe
  • Cultivate a long-term “high quality” relationship
  • Get you returning clients/customers, and
  • Sell more without constantly pounding the pavement (my favorite part)

The 30 tactics I share in this guide will help you engage your readers, build a relationship and boost the quality of your list.

For just $19, you will be getting a load of new clients from an engaged, high-quality list that reads your offers!


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