No Target Market? You Have 3 Problems.

I know, target market is not news, and you have probably heard it  many, many times. At least that’s what I thought, until I encounter more and more clients who are over a year into establishing their practice and are still unclear who their target markets are.

If you have not decided on a target market (or two), you are not maximizing your marketing resources:

  • You have challenge crafting targeted marketing messages that will  make your audience think, “holy crap, she is speaking to ME! That’s exactly what is keeping me up last night! I have to talk to her to find out how she can help me!” A general “You will get health if you work with me” is not going to cut it. I have yet to see a compelling marketing message coming out from someone who doesn’t have a target audience.
    If you spend time crafting a specific marketing message for each possible group of potential clients that you want to attract, you will be writing marketing copy 24/7! – and I doubt that’s good use of your time.
  •  Your marketing budget is unfocused and probably spread too thin. (I assume) you don’t have unlimited resources to cover all possible venue to communicate to each group of potential clients. Less is definitely more here – a few well-executed campaigns beats many scattered, unfocused, half-*ss efforts.
  • You miss out on positioning yourself as an expert in an area of specialty. Why is that important? Because people (1) seek out experts and (2) pay more for experts.

Because I see so many clients struggling with establishing a target market, crafting a message that resonates with your ideal clients and building a reputation as an expert, I have created the Target Market Intensive VIP Session to help you super-charge your effort in getting clarity in this area. Check it out now while the special promotion rate lasts – spots are limited due to the one-on-one and extended nature of the private coaching session.

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