Done-For-You New Year Group Program :: 2012-13 Edition

Create and launch a New Year Group Program in a Jiffy… Are you ready?

Jump Start 2013 with a Bang!

Get more clients and roll in the dough with this
DONE-FOR-YOU New Year Group Coaching Program.

New Year is the time when your potential clients are…

  • Staring at the scale and feeling awful, guilty and helpless about the 10 pounds that they just gained over the holidays
  • More determined than ever to reach their health goals, start eating healthy, exercise…  and wondering how they are going to REALLY make it happen this year, finally
  • Looking at what they want to achieve at work, and wonder how they are going to find the energy to do it all (hello, 4pm slump!)
  • Trying to live up to their promise of “becoming a better person” by controlling their mood issues
  • Getting “cabin fever” and feeling “low” after a few months of short daylight hours
  • Facing all the work that got put aside during the holidays season, and needing some help with stress management

New Year is also an ideal time for you to launch a short-term group program that gives people an overview of your work and how you can help them with improving their health and wellness.

A short-term group program can help you:

  • Round out your business model so that people can engage you and your service at a lower price point
  • Attract more clients who want to check you put but reluctant to commit time- and money-wise to a longer-term, one-on-one program
  • An opportunity to upsell your higher-level programs and services (people who have bought from you are 40% more likely to buy from you again)
  • Reach more people, help more clients, without working more
  • Leverage your time, knowledge and effort so that you can earn more while working less
  • Boost your one-on-one rate

“Ok, all good,” you say. “Now I have at most 6 weeks to create structure, develop content, write the sales page, and promote the program…

Good news! This Done-For-You New Year New You Program will get you sorted!

This package will give you all the materials you need to promote and launch your New Year group program. Before I tell you what juicy stuff you will get, here are a few tips on launching your program – so that you will know exactly what to do once you get the goodies (yep, free tips, no strings attached. And, I am breaking the law of “no links other than the Buy Now button on a sales page” because I believe you will benefit from these tips, whether you buy or not):

  • Plan your prelaunch/promotion activities 4 – 6 weeks prior to start of the program.
  • Drip content on your blog post (which, of course, you will promote through social media etc.) to create anticipation and buzz, position yourself as the expert and create demand for your program.
  • Ask your referral partners to help you spread the word. Make it easy for them – provide them with email copy and other necessary materials. Better yet, create an affiliate program so that they will work “harder” on promoting for you.
  • Do a preview call. See more tips here.
  • Read my program launch tips here.
  • Follow the Program Launch Timeline (which is part of this package) and IMPLEMENT!

What’s more, you can set this program up so that the materials you have created can “keep on giving” – you can package them up as information products, or you can run the program again without having to start from square 1. A few pointers:

  • Create recordings of each module as standalone items – if you keep the content neutral, e.g. without mentioning “New Year”, you can reuse the recording for similar programs at other times of the year.
  • Separate the Q&A/coaching portion or sessions from the content part, so that you can easily reuse and re-appropriate the audio.
  • You can package up the audio as information products along with the handouts.
  • You can use some of the recordings to create a one-month program (get your free “Create a One-Month Program That Keeps On Giving Starter Kit here)
  • You can use some of the recordings as bonus materials for your higher-level coaching programs, to increase the perceived value without you doing more work!

Creative juice flowing? Can’t wait to jump in?

Here is what you will get in this Done-For-You New Year Group Program:

  • All 6 of our Done-For-You Programs ($389 retail value)
  • Done-For-You sales page copy – which also outlines a recommended structure for running the program ($49 value)
  • 2 Done-For-You articles (“Upgrade Your Mindset for Success” and ” 5 Simple Strategies to Achieving Your New Year Resolution”) for you to drip content and create buzz and anticipation. ($49 value)
  • Done-For-You script for your preview/launch call ($69 value)
  • Program Launch Timeline Template ($19 retail value)
  • My support – if you have any question, just shoot me an email – I am here to cheer you along! (priceless)

Yes, it’s that juicy.

The total value of this package exceeds $570

The 2013-14 Edition has even more goodies!
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