My Head Gunk

Yesterday I was on the phone with a tax advisor about my business structure. I went in thinking we would talk about sole proprietorship vs an LLC, gather enough information to make a decision and move on. As Slideberry is a pretty young business (even though it has a website for about 16 months, it became “serious” for only about 9 months) with no partner or employee (unless you count my 2-month-old who seems to want to be on my lap and participate in everything…) I was not expecting anything too complicated.

As we touch upon revenue and tax savings, the tax advisor told me that I may want to consider forming an S Corp because my profit is above a certain number. My head started spinning… that sounds big… and I have to figure out more paperwork, taxes, payroll… what??!

Deep breath. My head is still spinning today, and I haven’t quite figured out what the next thing is going to be. But I know this is the challenge, the sign, that I have to go deep and work through this resistance, whatever excuse that I may come up with, before I can go bigger. There is the head gunk, the fear – I want to share because we all face it, and I hope that by being vulnerable, I can get you to start being mindful about what “head gunk” you may have – that voice that pulls you back when you are at the verge of becoming something bigger.

Are you already to face your “gremlins”, break through the barrier and go bigger?

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