Must Read :: The Prosperous Coach

I was reading this book called The Prosperous Coach… and before I knew it, my kindle book was loaded with highlights!

This book is so awesome that I am recommending it to all my clients

Here are some highlights I want to share here today – some are practical strategies on how to grow a prosperous coaching business, while others are mindset tips and quotes that will rock your world:

  • The law of physics say it should be impossible for the hummingbird to fly. Clearly nobody told the hummingbird.
  • “To hell with circumstances. I create opportunities.” ~ Bruce Lee
  • The Pro coach knows that credentials are irrelevant because the only question clients ever want an answer to is: Can you help me?
  • Confidence is the result of taking action.
  • The Struggling coach is reaction. The Pro coach is CREATIVE.
  • Safety is the enemy of success. Be proud of your mistakes. Take a risk. Fail spectacularly. And then go out and fail more.
  • Lead powerfully. Challenge how your clients see the world. They do not need sympathy. They do not need you to be their friend.
  • People pay you not what they decide your coaching is worth, but what you decide your coaching is worth.
  • “If you enter a market and don’t know what to do, watch what everyone else wi doing, and then do the opposite, if you want to be successful. The majority is almost always wrong.” ~ Earl Nightingale
  • Know the half-life of enthusiasm. Act quickly.
  • Needy is creepy. Stay with their wants versus your needs.
  • Maintain innocence in getting your yes/no. Yes lives in the land of no. If they have to “go think about it” the conversation is not complete.
  • Slow down. All the wealth you want is right here in the next conversation. Don’t have a huge to-do list, just be with Who’s Next.
  • Leave the conversation in a context of possibility, not the context of affordability.
  • Do not have selling be an emotional crisis about whether you are worthy of your fees.
  • Really be connected with certainty Because if I go the other direction – if I go in the direction of whether I am deeply, personally, really “worthy”, then fears enter in.
  • The sale always occurs inside the client’s world.
  • If you haven’t heard back, send a note… contribute and serve. You don’t need them; they need you. Behave accordingly.
  • Whatever is behind the no is showing me where a yes could come from if we keep talking.
  • Show leadership in your enrollment conversation.
  • Everything you want is right here in front of you. You just don’t see it because you are racing around.
  • Coaching is about the future. It’s about creating a future that is different from the future that would have arrived by default if you had no coach and no sense of creativity and no commitment.
  • Every client has a goal behind their goal. And no client ever comes to you for the first reason they present to you.
  • Pay attention to their words. Because their words tell you where they are focusing. Change their focus and you change their world.
  • “But this is who I am…” is not an absolute. It is a CHOICE.
  • Increased expectations will call out the best in both of you.
  • “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” ~Albert Einstein
  • Coaching is all about courage and creativity.
  • Coaching is not about “information”. It is about transformation.
  • [Your client] is paying for his dream to be converted into a project. You will be the project manager.
  • Your clients want you to lead because it gives them permission to be leaders in their own lives. Do not be afraid of stepping into your power as a coach.
  • Busyness is laziness. It’s lazy to be busy.
  • Most busyness comes from our wild, ongoing attempts to please others… to win their ongoing approval.
  • Slow down to speed up success.
  • Space is where miracles occur.
  • Your clients are paying for their dreams. And their dreams are priceless.
  • Money is the perfect expression of your creativity. If your bank account is low, it’s a reminder that it’s time to get even more creative.
  • “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games… I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” ~Michael Jordan
  • “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes YOU come alive, and to do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman
  • The more YOU you become, the more you will draw the right people to you. The more YOU you become, the more fun your life will be. And the more YOU you become, the more your clients will pay. As Dolly Parton said: “Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose.”
  • 80% of success is showing up.
  • The key to failure: taking yourself seriously. The key to success: taking your work seriously.

These are just snippets of the wisdom of what you will get by reading this awesome book. Don’t wait, grab your copy now.

Ready to step up and become a coach with clients? This is for you.

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