Mixing Business With Pleasure… aka Embodiment vs. Intellect

puke your guts outRecently I wrote a post on getting to the “sensual” in your business, about the stripping down to your CORE essence and letting it shine fully and unapologetically in everything that you put out into the world, of course including in your business. This is the beginning of what I am digging into here.

I have been reading up on Human Design (it is some kind of astro chart). Long story short, I am a “Reflector” (a rare 1%!) who has the ability to take on the energy from all around me and reflect it back out. In my “tapped in” state, I distill, clarify, synthesize and amplify messages from my clients’ inner higher self so they can find the TRUTH that is unique to them.

It also means that because I can easily tap into and click onto other people’s energy (that’s why I can crank out copy for my clients that “sounds just like them, only better”) it is also very important for me to DISCERN what is mine and what is not.

Throughout the day, many thoughts run through my little head and this can be overwhelming – how am I going to act on all of them? Now that I know what I am, I start to question – are these thoughts and wants and ideas really mine? And, if they are not, why the heck am I busting my ass on them?

My reflector’s strategy to success is also quite interestingly and elegantly simple: wait 28 days then do what FEELS good. That’s it!! What a relief for a brainiac who is sick of thinking her way out of her crap!


Intellect is great, and I appreciate it for all the business and marketing “stuff” that it helps me get done. But what is truly important is to STOP BUSY WORK and DO WHAT MATTERS. I realized I can’t THINK my way into knowing my core essence. I have tried that… programs, trainings, coaching… journal till I turn blue kind of thing. My heart was still drowning and desperate to come up for air… but the layers of preconceptions, should’s, other people’s sh*t just keep pushing the poor Heart back down into the deep dark water.

Heart and GutsI have been working with this amazing mentor who has completely changed the energetics of how I do ME. Thanks to her, I am bringing ME back into my body and running my biz from my Heart & Guts.

Cut the noise and go straight to the CORE. Total TRUST is required because there is no “external reference” we can conveniently “blame” or hide behind.

When I express from my HEART and GUTS, things feel easier, much easier. A sore throat that lasted almost 3 months cleared when I finally let go.

Heart says “no”? Abandon project and run the other way.
Guts say “go”? Embrace the tingle and push self over edge.

No more blindly following the “how-to” and bang out cookie-cutter sh*t. No, not if I am not FEELING it.

My mentor also kicked my butt to fully step into and acknowledge my intuitive gifts that will add so much spiciness and juiciness to my “business coaching” offerings. She challenged me to own it and claim it. She called out my BS and encouraged me to stop hiding behind the “intellect” and deny the other parts of me. It is a “both-and”, not an “either-or” – I can SELL my intuition (yes, I’ve said it, no fuss about selling what I am good at) and my brainiac smartness in one package.

I want all of ME in my business.

As I drop into the guts, feel the heart, and write from the belly, the universe responded in kind and tuned up my “two-way radio to the divine.”

I experienced a lot of “opening” – gory-poetic-cosmic-psychic juice flooded and I pulled off some pretty SPECTACULAR stuff for my peeps and clients: like, I “downloaded” in 5 min flat the entire ideal client profile for my biz coach as she revamps her still-work-in-progress offering – and she was like “holy crap, THAT’S IT! How do you know… I just got this idea an hour ago!” (I even dug up a shirt I haven’t wore for 3 years that morning to go with the profile – before she texted me); or, I “handed” my client what she really wants to do and how to make it into a business “on a silver platter” within 30 minutes of our first coaching session; or, I nailed someone’s deep seated fear that was holding him back from “getting out there” and pin-pointed where his block sat in his body within 10 minutes of our 30-min session.

Clear the clutter: Clear channel, no static. Two-way radio to the divine. And I believe you too can create that kind of clarity if you let go of the chatter… the brain noise created by what others say we “should” do.

Sensuality and Pleasure – Do What FEELS Good and TRUST the wisdom of your body.

We KNOW more than we think, our intuition is much wiser than we give it credit for. Make SPACE so that the deep knowing in you can come through. Drop into your body so when you FEEL it, you respect it instead of discount it.

From that quietude, write your marketing copy and plan your promotions. From the peace, pursue business opportunities that is in ALIGNMENT with your soul. Because now, you can hear it and feel it, you will be hitting the bull’s eye every time if you are really on your dime… not only will things be easy, it will also save you a lot of time, money, headache and heartache.

MAKE SPACE For Soul To Flow

As a reforming type AAA, sometimes “being quiet” is easier said than done. We are a “doing” culture and if we stay put and be “still” we can be judged as “passive” and “lazy” (not just by others, but more often than not, by ourselves.) We are so good at hiding behind busy work – we run around looking occupied so we don’t have to dig deep and face what is inside of us – see that nugget of anger, that gem of wisdom, or that deep revelation that will make you puke your guts out.

Our FEAR of missing out get us addicted to the “doing” culture. Our FEAR of being criticized drives us to do what others are doing so we don’t get judged. Our FEAR of not being good enough causes us to “compensate” by following the “standard”. Our FEAR of lack drives us to keep moving under the illusion of doing more = accumulating more.

Make PEACE, create SPACE,
and you will be able to DISCERN the best actions and opportunities.

Embodiment vs. Intellect

The body doesn’t lie – if an idea, action or opportunity doesn’t sit right, no amount of reasoning can make it feel otherwise. The brain, however, can be confused by the never-ending flood of information.

Cut the chatter, clear the clutter – be it another $297 program that claims to be the “magic bullet”, the endless research on the interwebs looking for the 7 strategies to xyz (they all sound pretty much the same…), the looking around on social media that pushes you down the comparison trap rabbit hole, or the “should’s” and “how-to’s” professed by the industry “gurus” (that make everyone’s stuff look the same.)

Make space in your body and in your mind for your TRUTH to come through. When it does, EMBODY it. Let it permeate into every cell of your body. Take it out and examine it, hold it in your hands and cherish it.

Use your embodied wisdom to DISCERN, use the intellect to execute.

FEEL EVERYTHING. Be Honest With Yourself.

One way or the other, your truth will win the battle. Why not listen to your inner knowing and get it right the first time? Talking about no BS and cost-effectiveness… that’s just good business!

unzip and smear the guts

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