Mission and Intention – How to Get the Biggest Bang For Your Bucks With Done-For-You Materials

Slideberry’s mission is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EQUIP health and wellness coaches to get unstuck, TAKE ACTION, “get out there”, help more people, do what they do best and be financially rewarded without being held up by the marketing and content creation bit.

All of us are excellent at certain things, and drag other tasks. Building your business should not be a drag. You should focus your energy on sharing your gift with the world. You should get support with tasks that drain your energy.

My gift is in content creation and orchestration with marketing and sales as the end goal – and I am using it to help you make a bigger impact – this is how I can rock the ripple effect.

In slideberry’s done-for-you materials, I give you not only the content, but also the structure and the strategies so that you can make money with your content.

Strategy + Content –> Sales = Revenue

The intention of these done-for-you materials is to get you started, get you 80% “there”; to reduce the time and effort you spend on content creation; to get you out of inaction. I strongly encourage you to customize the materials to reflect your voice, your brand, and your unique approach. It is YOU that your clients are “buying”, so you want to make sure your personality shines through.

Slideberry’s done-for-you content gives you a head start and a big advantage because you have a solid structure geared toward attracting your clients or potential clients further into your sales funnel. The content gives you a great starting point to add more information if you wish – or great to use as is.

Free Up Your Energy To Focus On the “SEAL THE DEAL” Components

The materials are designed to help you market your services and to connect with your peeps. There are prompts and tips to help you do just that. The done-for-you content frees you up so you can focus on customizing the content that will “seal the deal” – people buy with emotions and especially in the area of health and wellness, they need to feel that they are connected with you personally so you need to invest your time and energy in those areas – because I can’t write that for you.

In all of slideberry’s done-for-you materials, you are encouraged to, and provided tips for, customizing these critical “seal the deal” components:

  • Catchy Title & Introduction – based on your target market, you need to tell them why you and your content is relevant to them – how your materials is going to help them solve their biggest challenges and accomplish their greatest desires. It’s your peeps, no one can write that for you. Yet it’s so important because if you don’t get their attention, they won’t engage with your great content.
  • Your compelling story – a great story about your journey and your mission is the best way to connect with your tribe and make them yours forever. Labor on this. Remember, your story is not about you, but how your experience and your journey is relevant to helping your peeps solve their challenges.
  • Next step – without telling your audience what potential next step they can take with you, you are depriving them the opportunity to reach their goals and you are leaving money on the table. Just like any sales conversation or sales letter, focus on the challenges and the benefits of your solution, and give your audience a way to learn more and sign up (= pay you).

Slideberry’s materials will NOT shine without you giving it the love and attention to make them yours.

Proud to be supporting you,

xoxo, ling

p.s. now go check out our DONE-FOR-YOU awesomeness and start rocking!

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