Create Your Membership Program in 90 Minutes with $0 Upfront Cost

5 pages, 5 simple steps, one membership program – no kidding!

You have pondered creating a membership site to support your coaching practice, but just thinking about the time and effort involved, the cost and the technology know-how required can make your head spin…

Not any more! Before you invest time and money in creating a comprehensive membership program and site, you can launch a pilot program with what’s already available to you at your finger tip for FREE as a proof of concept and see if integrating this service can help support your practice and is beneficial for your business model.

Here are just a few benefits of running a membership program:

  • Obviously, if it’s a paid service, you will be getting recurring income!
  • You will build a large group of clients who know and trust you, eventually creating many new opportunity for your business.
  • You can market your own products and services to the members.
  • You can make recommendations for affiliate products and earn commissions.
  • You will be positioned as an expert in your market and your members and other marketers will approach you with new business opportunities.
  • You will have a focus group at your finger tip to see what the current needs are in your target market so that you can create products and services that answer the need (which translates to selling like hot cakes!)

There is really no reason to wait!

Slideberry’s Get Out There Make It Big Success Circle was created in 90 minute with $0 upfront cost using free resources including wordpress, facebook and paypal, and launched in one day. You can follow this same process with whatever platform your website is currently built on.

Here, I am sharing with you the 5 Simple Steps to Start Generating Recurring Revenue In No Time in this Guide to Creating Your Membership Site in 90 Minutes with $0 Upfront Cost. 5 pages, 5 simple steps, one membership program – no kidding!

I have included screen shots for steps involving facebook and paypal, so there will be no confusion which button to click or which field to fill in.

Get the Guide to Creating Your Membership Site in 90 Minutes with $0 Upfront Cost now –

for just $19, you too can whip up a membership program in no time!

Really not into this whole tech thing? It shouldn’t be holding you back! Contact me, I will do it for you – soup to nuts!


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