Me, the Gremlin Slayer

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my business coach about revamping my coaching offerings.

When we got to the pricing bit, I fessed up that I felt uncertain, shaky, scared, butterfly in the stomach  I knew there was some mindset work I needed to do before I could tackle the “practical” piece of creating a high-end super-duper-awesome program that will rock my clients’ world.

The “Who-do-you-think-you-are” gremlin is raring its ugly head, ready to charge.

This short conversation shifted my world:

Coach: You broke the monthly income mark for a 6-fig business this year. And it’s been consistent for a couple of months. And for a few months before that, you were hovering pretty darn close to that mark. How long did it take you to get there?

Me: Took me less than 15 months to pass that mark.

Coach: And you have two little kids, and you rarely work mornings.

Me: Yeah… (meanwhile, Mr. 6-mos-old is screaming in his crib, refusing to take his nap)

Coach: You have DONE it yourself – you have built a 6-figure business online in a very short time without killing yourself (and not killed by the kids, thank goodness). And you don’t think people will pay you to show them how to do it?

Me: hmm… You are right.

Coach: You are going to step up and claim your “Business Coach” hat fair and square.

And that’s my prescription – my homework for the week.

It took me a few days to get my brain to step up, but I finally stepped into the shoes of a 6-Fig Biz Coach – and feeling it. It’s not just about writing about it, or repeating some kind of affirmation. Heart of heart, I am aligned with it, I am owning it. Lemme tell ya, it feels GOOD!

It may sound a tad goofy, but here is what goes on in my mind every time I have doubts, negative thoughts or emotions:

I am a 6-Fig Biz Coach.

I expect awesome things to happen everyday.

I make sales everyday {so I can help more people with my products}.

I sign new clients every week {so I can help even more people with my smart strategy coaching}.


{The cool thing about the conscious mind is that it can only hold one thought at a time. So if you are thinking something positive, you can’t think something negative at the same time}

There is still a lot to work on, but I realize that taking this first step is going to make a big difference in my life.

I feel a lot of changes in how I handle my day-to-day business activities, and how I feel in general. A few examples:

  • I feel ok about sending out offer emails more frequently – if I don’t share what I have to offer, I can’t help more people. I am not afraid of unsubscribes anymore. I look at them, and I said, thank you for making room in my list for people who truly need my products and services. 
  • When evaluating training and coaching programs I am going to invest in, I come from the place of which one will allow me to bring the most to my clients, and help myself and my business grow. I look at the time and effort that I need to invest in them, and what I can get out of them. I do not make my decisions based on the price tags.
  • I trust myself for doing the right thing. I trust that I am at the right place at the right time. I save a lot of brain juice because I am not second-guessing anymore. I can focus on things that matter.
  • I step up and ask for want I want. And I charge what I believe to be the value I provide. I don’t need to prove that I am “liked” by giving deep discounts so that a client will buy from me.
  • I start making bold declarations of what benefits and value my products and programs I deliver. And I am confident about it. The energy shows in my sales conversation and in my communications – people need to know that you trust yourself before they can trust you!
  • I feel that I am in the driver’s seat of my life. I feel empowered. Taking total responsibility for my action and circumstances is the best way to feel confident and in control of what happens to me. One of the worst enemy of success is the victim mentality.

What are you telling yourself? There is only one person who can hold you back, and that’s you.

Changing your thoughts does not happen overnight. Before I was able to make those changes to my conscious thoughts, I have been working on changing my subconscious mind for a couple of months. I can confidently say that this work has given me the fast path to changing my success mindset. If you are ready to step up and “claim it”, take a moment to check out the Remove Your Block So Your Business Rocks program by Jenn August.

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  1. Jacqueline Allen says:

    Not up yet, do you teach or help coaches to do this marketing? I am a IIN student, started in October, looking for some help to get up and running on line.
    Thanks Jacqueline Allen
    Dynamic Health Consulting

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