What You May Not Know About Opening Up Growth Possibilities and Income Opportunities

When we make a decision to do something GUTSY in our business, it is scary. You know it can be a game-changer, but you have no idea what the path may lead.

You may try to think your way into/out of it but after listing out all the pros and cons and crunching out numbers spreadsheet after spreadsheet, you are still stuck in limbo. Even if the “logical mind” says go this way, you can’t help but keep rubber-necking the other way, creating a misaligned energy in your business and ultimately, sabotaging your success.

You cannot use logic to justify your desires;
you cannot quantify what pulls you.

Sometimes, the “logical mind” doles out fears and doubts to keep you in the status quo, to keep you “safe”. It is only when you stop listing the pros and cons, working the statistics and crunching the numbers, then your creativity will flow, opportunities will open up and possibilities will flourish into something very pleasantly surprising.

I am still going through what I am sharing here, so it feels very raw, and very vulnerable. If the writing is a bit jagged, it’s because I am still trying to “make sense” of it all…

Some people call September another “New Year” – with fall in the air, kids going back to school and people buckling down after summer, we are invited to take a good look at the past eight months and see how we can make the next four months matter.

For me, I put the stick on the ground and get serious about growing my “Business Soulwork” message. I ask my Heart & Guts how I want ME to BE in this business– the experience, the contribution, the satisfaction.

I want a bigger platform. I want to share innovative perspectives that will make a difference for how people BE in their business. I want to introduce a different paradigm for the way we roll in how we do US in our business. I WANT TO ROCK YOUR WORLD.

I received quite a bit of positive feedback on this new direction and even got invited to write for a few websites. One actually asked me to become an expert moderator for their community forum on money mindset and creativity & inspiration. A great honor, and a thumbs up from the universe that I am getting on my dime.

Starting this bigger platform does NOT translate into immediate revenue. Before going in, I asked myself – what if making a single dime is no longer important for the next 3 months… what do I want? What would I do? Who would I be?

I want MORE possibilities, I want MORE opportunities.
I want to slash some things open, I am ok with getting messy,
so ultimately, I can EXPAND.

I am telling you right now – my numbers this month ain’t spectacular. I don’t get to harvest and fest while I am sowing the seeds.

Yes, that is part of the package (growing pain) and I accept that – intellectually, at least.

But part of me is scared… what if this new direction sucks? What if I don’t get enough people to resonate with my message? What if it all sounds pretty and poetic but not making me any money (it’s a business, after all)?

Doing something new is scary. Even if I KNOW that it is calling me. Even if I KNOW that this is what I am “supposed” to do. Even if I KNOW that this will allow me to live my purpose, share my message and BE my Truth.

Acknowledging that yes, I am scared shitless. Acknowledging that yes, I am going to DO IT. Acknowledging that yes, it is my duty to do my best and give it my all.

So I took a deep breath, plugged my nose, and jumped.

It is about having the faith and TRUST in what really pulls you…
and in YOU pulling it off.

YOU know, deep down, what you are called to do and if you deny it now, it will come back to haunt you and you will eventually have to do it anyway… only spending a few more years chasing your tail on the hamster wheel.

Of course, just singing praise to faith is not enough.

Take a stand and DO what needs to be done to bring you closer to your vision,
is where the rubber meets the road.

I strongly believe that doors will open and opportunities will flood in when we are doing what’s in alignment with our CORE essence.

Ok, back to rubber meets the road. For me, it is when I hit the “Pay” button for my website gal’s invoice to do my new website (stay tuned… coming soon!) It is when I committed to a couple of coaching programs that will help me hone in on the skills I need to bring my big vision to life. It is the “calling in of the GUTS” when I made these investment while I am sowing the seeds instead of harvesting.

A lot of times, when we don’t commit, when we mill around in the “what has worked” instead of blazing a new trail – for ourselves and for those we serve – is because we don’t trust that we can make it work.

Of course, we don’t say that out loud. Our “logical mind” would dole out a bunch of B.S. like, “hey, it’s not a smart move” “I don’t have the money to invest” “I don’t have time to do the work (btw, you MAKE time for what matters)” “This is not going to work for me because [insert excuses that sounds logical but won’t hold up]” “I will make such a fool of myself if I fall flat on my face.” etc. etc. – you get the gist.

So we go back into our box, stay safe, and keep following what “others have already done” so we don’t have to stick our neck out.

Are you willing to trade “the illusion of staying safe”
for Possibilities and Opportunities?

If leveraging your current business and network, while helping people help more people through sharing your valuable content can help you achieve your BIG vision, then this BRAND NEW Build Your Done-For-You Content Empire Mentoring Program can be your ticket to taking your work to the next level.

Yes, this program is pretty unconventional, and it will take some guts and trust in yourself that YOU can do it. (But without those, you can’t make a whole lot happen anyway, mentoring program or not.)

The reward is, you will be blazing a trail and you will be rewarded with not only an additional stream(s) of income but also more of YOU.

I know this can be a big decision – you will be doing something brand new in your business, and it means investing time and effort in something you may not have done before (that’s why I am here for you!)

And this also means a super exciting and lucrative opportunity if it’s right for you.

I want to be there help you make the best decision for YOU – if you feel drawn to this mentoring program but still have questions or need some support to come up with a “yes” or “no” – just message me and we will get on the phone for a “dig deep” conversation.(Promise, I won’t be “selling” the program to you if it’s not right for you.)

p.s. Early Action Pricing ends Monday 9/22/2014.

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