How To Maximize Your Content Marketing Effort Without Having To Write All Day

You probably understand the power of content marketing – it helps you build relationship with your community (the “like know and trust” factor), boosts your expert status, increases your exposure and visibility, drives traffic to your website and is an integral part of a well-designed program or product launch. 

However, the challenge many people face is how are they going to create content for all the different outlets without spending all their time writing articles, putting together handouts, and creating social media posts?

Good news – you don’t have to create unique content for each outlet.


You can appropriate the same content with different FRAMING or POSITIONING to meet the need of different medium or context – making it look fresh and relevant.

Don’t worry about repeating yourself – in fact, most people need to be exposed to a certain message a few times before it sinks in.

Here is the thing – other than you, your mother and maybe your cat, rarely anyone will read and remember every article you put out. How much your readers remember your content is dependent on many factors – e.g. the format of presentation, the context of the presentation, your readers’ circumstances, how you curate the information and how relevant the action items are for your readers.  (no one form of presentation or curation is superior, just different way people learn and process information)

When you format, position and frame the same “core” content differently, you are actually making it more accessible to more people. This means you are reaching more people who can benefit from your work. Yes, and you will get more clients if you work your content marketing strategy right.

Let’s say you have a piece of content on kicking sugar habit and your target market is busy professional women who want to look their best and fee great. If you position your article as helping them lose weight by reducing cravings for desserts and controlling their insulin to reduce fat storage, your article may catch 60% of your followers’ attention. Now, you may have the same bullet points, but you tweak it a bit, maybe add a little more information on energy and blood sugar level, then frame it as “5 ways to boost your energy” by controlling blood sugar. Now you may capture the attention of some 40% of your followers’ attention. Of course there will be overlap for the two groups, but I bet you are also getting more people to read your articles. Plus, it will really sink in for those who have read it twice – double the reason to kick their sugar habit!

Here are a few examples on using different format, positioning and framing of a piece of content for different purposes: (e.g. by using a different intro, adding some additional educational information, adding one or two bullet points, adding one or two action items, or having a different call-to-action)

1. Support Product/Program Launch

Dripping content is a great way to drive traffic to your site, get more opt-ins and boost your expert status on a certain topic to lead up to a launch. For this purpose, you may want to create a series of articles, maybe elaborating on an existing piece of content you have, to get people to check back often. You want to illuminate the problem, show your readers the cause and that a solution is available (your product or program). You want to talk about the cost of not taking action, and offer a high-level view of the solution while mentioning that your upcoming program/product will give them a deep dive and all the tools they need to take action. Don’t forget to build buzz and anticipation by asking your readers to keep an eye out for the official launch (e.g. if you offer an early action discount, or case studies of the success achieved by your previous clients.)

2. Increase Your Exposure With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to expand your reach. If you are contributing to someone’s blog, you want to know who the readers are and what they want most that falls into your areas of expertise. Write an intro that speaks to them, maybe even referencing how your information is a complement to what your “host” provides the readers. Make sure there is a way for the readers to learn more about you. This could be a link back to your other blog posts on your website that is relevant to the content in that article, if it’s ok with your “host”. Otherwise, most blogs have an author bio section to tell the readers something about the contributor. You may want to craft a bio that speaks specifically to this set of readers, and point back to your free gift opt-in to grow your list.

3. Create Seasonal Content on Top Of Mind Topic

People have different focus at different times of the year. If you re-frame your content as relevant to what is important to your readers at a specific time of the year, you will get more people to read your articles. You will be providing valuable and timely content that is relevant to your ideal clients.

4. Compile Existing Content Into Product

An information product at low investment level is a great way to round out your business model and provide your potential clients more ways to benefit from your expertise. You will also be able to create a passive stream of income and maximize your revenue.

People are willing to pay money for curated and compiled content so they don’t have to dig through every single article you have ever written to find the solution to one certain problem. Select one focused theme, and then look through all the content you have ever created – programs, handouts, blog posts, magazine articles etc., and put them together. You can use these materials to create an ebook, or make one or two mp3 recordings by stringing the content together. You can boost the value of your info product by adding some recipes, worksheets or journal/tracking templates to the bundle, so you can sell it for a higher price and your clients feel that they are getting more than a collection of articles.


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