Master of Enrollment

I recently viewed a video by Bill Baren – a demo of the actually process of an enrollment conversation. Here are some notes that I took:

Ask the “Why Now?” question at the beginning of the consultation – a subtle way to not only gauge the motivation factor of the prospect, but is also a great way to have her be in touch with why this is the perfect time for her to get assistance with a coach…

When asking her about her challenges, acknowledge her frustration, mirror back what you heard and experienced. Tell her she is ready for things to change.

Ask: How do you want your ___ to be?

Paint a picture of how she wants her world to be. Stick to the positive, not where she is right now (the negative, the problems). Do not revert back to the negative problems she has right now.

Find out what is truly possible.

Help her connect to her vision – feel and name what she wants.

Get her to talk about what she really wants, and why she wants them.

Elicit emotions. Share the emotions, connect, bring out the excitement of achieving the goal. How does she want to feel?

Acknowledge and mirror back what she is saying throughout the consult.

Control the flow of the conversation, be direct and steer the conversation the right direction when necessary.

Focus on what she wants to create, not on the present or the past.

Paint a picture, describe in details what she is doing, the environment etc. The emotions, the energy, the people around her, the interaction.

Sum up what you have discussed when you are ready to introduce your service.

Ask questions that lead to more clarity… how is your vision going to happen?

Prospect needs to know how important the change is to her. “How important is this to you in a scale of 1 – 10?”

“How are you feeling about where you are now?” Elicit emotions. Gauge how ready she is for change in her description.

Gauge how connected you are with her by the depth of information she is sharing with you.

Paint the picture of the path between where she is now and where she wants to be. (Eventually position you are THE person to bridge the gap)

“What is stopping you from getting where you want to go?” Invite her to describe the obstacles.

Re-iterate her problem to show that you understand her problem. When you can verbalize what your clients wants and needs better than they can, they will automatically credit you with being able to provide the solution.

Create roadmap – “when you know where to go next, you will be able to take action and [re-iterate her goals].”

Acknowledge her emotion. Let her know it is safe to share with you.

Ask for permission to share how you can help her before you talk about your programs.

Paint her the whole picture of what you heard and felt from her. Show her that you understand her, her frustration, and you have a vision of the path that she will need to travel on to get to the world that she so passionately described earlier.

Connect from an emotional place.

Use positive statements like “you are not ready to settle for less”.

Acknowledge her challenge, not in a negative way.

Describe her needs, when it’s time, present a few options – Seed that you are confident which option is right for her, but want to present her with choices.

First present the most expensive coaching option – as high-end with a decent price. But be honest if it’s not the right option for her. Continue to establish yourself as a trusted advisor, and not simply pushing programs to her. Next present the one that is the right fit for her.

When presenting the last option, position it as just to show why your recommendation is the best option for her. Increase your credibility as a trusted advisor. You are not selling to her, but truly exploring what is the best match for her.

Express your strong desire to work with her, be authentic, and “claim” her as your client in your conversation.

If you are discontinuing the package/program in the near future – e.g. I am limiting my one-on-one clients starting [date], so it’s recommended that you sign up now to secure your space.

“How do you see the program that I just described to you can help you?” – essentially asking her to enroll herself.

“Is there anything else you need from me in order for you to decide to enroll with me right away?” – single out objections, quiet her inner “Doubter”, and get her to feel more hope that finding what she wants is actually possible.

Reassure that you will be there with her every step of the way

Establish the gap, establish yourself as the one to bridge the gap. Get her to make decision based on her feeling. Emphasize her intuition (intellect + emotion).

Make her feel good about her decision to prevent buyer’s remorse.

“Let’s look at the calendar to schedule your first session.” Without even having her to say “yes” – you both know that she has made a decision when time is right. By setting a date you confirm her involvement.

Tell her what she will be receiving from you, to confirm your relationship, and payment details. Review any commitment, make her feel comfortable what to expect next.

Send out a welcome package that provides value before your first session to start engaging her.

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