Make More Cash, Now – 5 Ways to Leverage What You Have to Create New Products and Services

If you have been coaching people for a while, given a talk or two, or written some blog posts or articles, chances are, you are sitting on a wealth of materials that you can repackage and sell without having to reinvent the wheel.

A few ideas that involves very little work, to get you thinking:

  • Gather your blog posts and articles you have written on a specific topic, and compile them into an information product such as ebook, a how-to guide, or an audio that you can sell.
  • Take stock of the smaller-scale/shorter programs, classes and products that you offer, and see if you can bundle them into a program or product that offers great value and is attractive to your market. If you create a kit out of several information products that you already have, you can add a private coaching session to increase the value of the bundle.
  • Review what you have offered in the past, and re-brand or refresh a program or product, re-position it to meet current needs or your changing target audience. Sometimes you don’t even have to tweak the content – all you need to change is how your marketing copy positions your product.
  • Gather all the live workshops and presentations that you have done, and package them into information products, or an online program which you can offer on an on-going basis.
  • If you work with clients primarily on long-term programs, take your program apart and see if you can offer some individual components as stand-alone service. E.g. if your long-term programs include a grocery tour and a pantry makeover, among other services, you can create stand alone grocery tour and pantry makeover services. No extra prep work required!

I hope I got you thinking! 🙂

If you want to get cracking on creating information products, check out the Complete And Concise Guide to Creating, Positioning, and Marketing Profitable Information Products.



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