How to Make Everything Easier For Your Coaching Business (seriously!)

By Mary Cravets

Any time you encounter confusion, stress, or indecision, I have a tip that can help every single time. Seriously.

Simply ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility for this to be easy?”

Some examples:

  • Stressed out about a deadline? Ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility that it could be easy to meet my deadline?”
  • Struggling with a problem? Ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility that I can discover an easy solution?”
  • Worried about a conflict? Ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility that there is an easy resolution?”

When you shift your focus away from the problems and the chaos, your stress level goes down and simpler solutions become apparent.

Have you ever used this kind of question to help gain clarity? I’d love to know how it’s worked for you!


Author Bio

Mary CMary Cravets is a Business Coach and Speaker who works with highly motivated small business owners who are tired of working all the time, and who want their business to run like a well oiled machine and get paid what they’re worth. She helps create momentum through the implementation of simple systems which lead to financial prosperity and ease in all areas of their lives. To learn more about Mary and get her great resource, visit

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