Make a Custom Facebook Fan Page Tab Image – 10 Minutes, $0

You have a Facebook Fan page, and you even have your email sign up hooked up to a tab… awesome!

BUT, you don’t like how the tab image looks- generic picture from your newsletter service provider. You know you can do something better – like, actually call out your free gift to entice sign up!

Here is how to make a customized tab and upload it, quickly and easily – and it costs you NOTHING!

You can create tabs for your free gift sign up, for your blog feed (check out “Networked Blog” to add blog feed to your fan page), for your contest, for your product page (you can use “Static html” or “Shortstack” for that) and for your contact page (you can use “Shortstack”).

To create the tab image:

Slideberry's Fan Page tabs - customized to match our brand and call out the free gift to entice sign up

Slideberry’s Fan Page tabs – customized to match our brand and call out the free gift to entice sign up

  • Go to
  • First, you need to create a background to put the text on. Select “create a collage”.
  • Select a layout – pretty much any one is fine. You will hover over the squares and click on the “x” until you have one square/rectangle left.
  • Then add some texture or color to your rectangle.
  • Hit “save” and put this background onto your computer.
  • Now we have a background to put your text on. Refresh your browser and you will get back to picmonkey homepage.
  • Drag your background image to “edit a photo”.
  • Crop the image to 111×74 pixels – that is the size of the Facebook Fan Page tab.
  • Click on the “P” icon on the left hand side – this is where you add text.
  • Save the image to your desk top.

To upload the tab image:

  • Go to your fan page, and click on the little arrow by your tab.Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 3.46.13 PM
  • Now you hover over the tab that you want to edit, and a little pencil icon shows up. Click on that, and choose “edit setting”.
  • A dialogue box will appear, where you can change the tab image and the text under the image.


Don’t want to do the heavy lifting yourself? Check out our Pick My Brain Tech Implementation support! Simply email and ask me how I can help!

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