Lime, Explosion + Lavender Ice Cream Pop

Collage - Lime, Explosion + Lavender Ice Cream Pop

I have sounded this one out for you – with my still-hoarse-from-flu-allergy-and-a-lot-of-throat-chakra-work voice:

dig what you hear and ready to step up and have your biz YOUR way, get more clients for being YOU? Join me for this FREE unMarketing Training – it will change how you view “marketing” and even start to LOVE it!

or, if you prefer to read:

Beginning of this year, I intentionally went on a “program fast” on all things business and marketing. I used to be a group program and self-guided training junkie, and going cold turkey was not easy. But I knew if I am to find mySELF in my business, I have to create a dome of silence for things to percolate.

Group programs and trainings overdose: I was drowning in other people’s views on how to do “marketing”. I was writing things and using words that sounded foreign to my core. I was getting bored with my business because I was not fully expressing who I was. It became a grind.

I put the break on the hamster wheel.

Being able to catch my own tail, after all, is not that important.

This year, I only invested in one program (and continue to work 1:1 with my coach). It was the kind of all-in based on trust. It is helping me open up my creativity and my voice. It is guiding me to acknowledge my gifts and fully step into using them for my business. It is encouraging my intuition to speak through different channels, including collage, and helping me to be open to whatever it tells me – even if it’s a lime, an explosion and some lavender ice cream pop.

And I found my superpower*.

What does this “program fast” means for you, as part of my community?

It means you are not getting anything “rehashed” from me, no more – I am writing from my core, and it disdains the formulaic stuff. No more cookie cutter content.

I pledge to challenge you to do YOU and your business your way, with the utmost integrity and honesty to yourself. I will ask you to see your marketing from a different perspective, so you will be fully expressing YOU in everything you create and put out into the world – including your sales page.

I will ask you to claim your gifts and live up to your superpower, even if it means breaking the mold, leaving the “tried-and-trues” behind and venturing into the unknown. I will challenge you to create your own guidance, your own navigation system.

It will be effing scary, because there are no systems and blueprints to hide behind. It’s YOU on the line. But we will be in it together. And it will be a freaking ride.


Dig what’s here?

Click To TweetIf you are ready to step up and have your biz YOUR way, get more clients for being YOU – join me for this FREE unMarketing Training – it will change how you view “marketing” and even start to LOVE it!


* my superpower: I am the Intuitive Business Soul-Stormer + No BS Online Marketing Strategist who helps coaches nail their schtick that is completely aligned with their souls and then translate it into smart strategies & actionable tactics.


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