My Kid, His Legos and Your Coaching Business

My 4-year-old is super-good with legos – we got him a couple of sets designed for 7+ and he was pretty much able to figure them out by himself (with a little help from mommy).

One morning he was building some house on wheels completed with computer, TV and other fixings, when his little brother (guest starring as Godzilla, unknowingly) pushed and broke the whole thing. Crying and screaming ensued (no problem, a daily occurrence here – I can still write a blog post in 20 minutes under such condition.)

But then, he calmed down and said, “hey, this is my lego, I can do whatever I want with it!” and proceeded to rebuild another house-bus or bus-house.

All I could say was, WOW, this kid gets it!

In our businesses, we often times think “I have to do this/implement that/build it this way” because it is “supposed” to be a certain way. Because this is how the “gurus” teach in those $997 trainings and programs.

What if that is not true?

What if you say “hey, this is my business, I can build it however way that
makes me happy?”

What if you put “what you want your business to do for you” first, and design a business model that supports you to do the things that light you up and fuel your soul?

And then from that business model, you can create products, programs and services in formats that suit your vision, expertise, passion
and also best serve your ideal clients.

With this clarity, you can identify the tools, trainings and mentors that will help you succeed with the implementation, instead of letting the “how” drives the “what”. No more bright shiny object syndrome.

Why not? Who says you can’t (and who are they to say so)?

I, for one, believe you CAN – and I want to help you get the clarity and make it happen. If you are ready to have your biz your way, grab a complimentary My Biz My Way Breakthrough Session and let’s rock it out.

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