“Kick Your Sugar Habit” Workshop Kit :: Special V-Day Edition

People always feel guilty after the sugar and sweets indulgence around Valentine’s Day… help your peeps pre-empt the onslaught this year by sharing some helpful tips and resources so they can lose weight and feel sexy in the little black dress, have more energy to spend quality time with their loved ones, and stabilize their moods to cultivate more harmonious relationships.

Of course, workshop/teleseminar/webinar with this timely topic can be your “fastest path to cash”…

  • Grow your list with high-quality potential clients (even faster if you do it through JV partnership!)
  • Generate immediate income through “back of the room” sales (ideas and resources can be found in the powerpoint presentation notes section)
  • Create a consistent stream of potential clients who would sign up for a discovery session and be interested to explore working with you 1:1

What’s In This Bundle…

Kick Your Sugar Habit PowerPoint Presentation ($59 retail value)

This bestselling presentation (approx. 60 min) focuses on underlying physiological and emotional reasons behind sugar cravings, and practical action steps to help the audience take control over their sugar cravings.
A great lead in to sell your Energy Class and your Detox Class or program.
Delivered in completely customizable .pptx format.
View sample slides

“4 Strategies To Kick Your Sugar Cravings” Workshop Handout ($19 value)

Handout with key takeaways and actionable steps for your audience to take home.
Delivered in completely customizable MS Word .docx format.

“Deciphering Food Cravings” List-Building Bonus Handout ($19 value)

Bonus handout that provides additional information related to the topic of the workshop. You can email the PDF to those who sign up for your mailing list, to boost your list-building effort. When you get their email, you can follow up and further build a relationship. Money is in the follow up!
Delivered in completely customizable MS Word .docx format.

Promotional Flyer Template ($19 value)

Plug in date, time, location, a logo and your contact – bam, you are ready to roll! “General” copy that can be used any time of the year… lather, rinse and repeat!
Delivered in completely customizable MS Word .docx format.

Promotional Flyer Template – Valentine’s Day Special Edition ($19 value)

With copy on Valentine’s Day and relationship, this special edition gives you the timely edge to stand out from the “generics”.
Delivered in completely customizable MS Word .docx format.

* Holding a virtual event (teleseminar or webinar)?
Appropriate the flyer content for your sign up page – easy peasy lemon squeezie!


Total value of this bundle = $135…

Hey it’s V-Day so let’s share the love!

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yep, that’s it… $67. For just $8 more, you get all the EXCLUSIVE promo materials to go with the presentation.

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