I Just Paid $85 To Get Back Into My Apartment

I locked myself out today. It sucks. I had to pay a locksmith $85 to get back in.

My 4-year-old was there this morning when I realized I didn’t have the key and let out a cry of “what did I just do??!”

When I picked him up from school, he asked me about it and I said, “I had to pay a locksmith $85 to help me open the door.”

He looked at me, trying to comprehend “$85”

So I said, “$85 can buy you 85 tickets to play 85 games in the arcade – it’s like playing 10 games 8 times in a roll.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of tickets!” he said. (and probably think, dude, I want to become some locksmith when I grow up!)

Lesson? Your message needs to make sense to your audience. The values you communicate need to “compute” in your audience’s head if you want them to see the value of your programs or offerings.

For example – your expertise is lowering inflammation. Saying your program includes anti-inflammatory meal plan is unlikely to hit home for most potential clients (besides the 5% who are highly aware of what “inflammation” means to health – and they are probably already doing something about it). However, if you say you will show them foods that they can eat to reduce their joint pain/allergies/digestive issues/fatigue/skin problems – BINGO, they get it! You will help them solve these challenges that are bugging them all day, that are holding them back from living their lives, that are giving them pain and suffering. “Where do I sign up?” they say.

Chew on it, take it seriously. At least make my 85 bucks good for something.

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