Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days

The Ultimate NO EXCUSE Marketing and Business Activation Coaching Package

  • Starting your coaching practice, feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first (and second and third)?
  • Having trouble prioritizing your tasks because everything seems important (or so the “gurus” say)?
  • Confused by all the tips and tricks that are out there, and got paralyzed because you don’t know where to begin?
  • Want to work smarter so that you can leverage your hard work and get more done in less time?
  • Want to create a business model that can attract and capture more clients and leverage your knowledge so that you can earn more while working less?

No Problem – we got a plan for you!

Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days is an 8-week, step-by-step program that will help you get your ducks in a row, gain a ton of clarity and build a solid foundation for marketing and growing your coaching practice.

The program’s unique approach combines Slideberry’s How-To Guides and Done-For-You Materials to give you all the tools and information to get started quickly without having to reinvent the wheel. You will also get One-On-One coaching and support to make sure that the knowledge and approach are customized to your individual needs.

The program is based on the Jumpstart Your Biz 4-part signature system that addresses all aspects of building a solid foundation for marketing and growing your coaching business:

Module 1

Laser Focus Your Message – and Get a Website that Sells to Boot

These days, consumers research everything online before they make a buying decision. Chances are, your potential clients first get to hear about you through online search, social networking or other links, or they get your card and want to find out more via your website before taking the next step.

Your website has 8 seconds to make a first impression, during which your potential client will decide whether your services are for her, if she wants to stick around and engage with you at a deeper level (e.g. sign up for your newsletter).

In this module, you will use the Website Reboot Signature System to do more than just setting up a website. During the process, you will develop and get clear on the following, which will form a strong foundation for all marketing materials and activities that are to come (and they will come much easier):

  • Personal brand and unique message
  • Target market and ideal client profile
  • Elevator speech/Expertise statement
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Signature system
  • Program and product offerings

You will also get guidance on translating your website content into offline marketing materials (business card, brochure, postcard) so that your online and offline messaging are consistent.


Module 2

Roll in the Dough and Make It Snowball

Having a product mix that address your customers’ needs at every price point allows you to meet them wherever they are ready to engage with you. The key is to start communication and to get them to start buying from you – people who has bought from you has a 40% higher chance of buying from you again.

The guidelines and tools in this module will help you start developing a strategic line-up of products that fill the gaps in your business model and gradually increase your clients’ involvement with your services. You will walk away with:

  • Free gift to entice newsletter sign up
  • Entry-level information products to get folks to start buying, and
  • Ideas to create mid-level information products that will lead people toward working with you on your higher-end coaching programs.


Module 3

Establish Your Expert Status and Cultivate Profitable Relationships

Providing valuable content to establish your expert status and communicating with your tribe to cultivate fruitful relationship is key to attracting more new clients and retaining existing clients. In this module, you will learn the ins-and-outs of content marketing:

  • Set up template for a newsletter that people will actually read
  • Create newsletter sign up on website – one that actually works to get people to give you their info!
  • Develop content marketing strategies to work across multiple media to help you leverage your work so you can work less for more impact
  • Leverage social media to spread your message


Module 4

Multiply Your Presence, Get Out There Make It Big

Now you have a website where folks can look you up and products that let them engage with you at different levels, it’s time to spread the word!

This module will walk you through steps to set your promotion machine in motion:

  • Book talks at local venues or corporations
  • Plan free teleseminars to grow your list
  • Develop a powerful signature talk that you can use over and over
  • Develop relationship with local practitioners to get your never-ending flow of referrals

The Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days program gives you everything you need to get goin’:

  • Four 45-min one-on-one coaching sessions ($600 value) – in these sessions, besides the how-tos and customized strategies to grow your biz, you will also get important mindset coaching and tips that are critical for long-term success with ease and grace.*
  • Email support in-between sessions ($200 value)
  • Week-by-week project plan ($69 value)
  • Module 1 companion materials:
    – Website Reboot DIY Kit – “Souped-Up” version with workbooks and audio recordings (a $197 value)
  • Module 2 companion materials:
    – The Complete and Concise Guide to Creating, Positioning and Marketing Profitable Information Products ($39 retail value)
    – 21 Days of Wellness Done-For-You Email Coaching Program ($89 retail value)
    – Choice of 1 Done-For-You Info Product Kit ($89 retail value)
  • Module 3 companion materials:
    – The Magical Email Newsletter Template ($9 retail value)
    – Choice of 1 Done-For-You Content Package ($19 retail value)
  • Module 4 companion materials:
    – Corporate Wellness Proposal ($39 retail value)
    – Done-For-You Article Template ($9 retail value)
    – Choice of one selected Single Lecture Done-For-You Workshop Presentations ($59 retail value)

Total value of this program package exceeds $1,400!

You can get a huge Jumpstart on Your Biz in 60 days for just $897!

Spots are limited because of the one-on-one coaching component… grab yours today while the special introductory program price lasts!

One-time paid in full (best deal) – $897


Two installments (30-days apart) – $479 per month

Questions? What to see if this program is right for you? Shoot me a note at awesomeness@slideberry.com!

What People Are Saying

“Very Pleased!!! Working with Ling in her Jumpstart Program was a great experience. Before working with Ling, I was still struggling with who my niche was and my marketing message on my website was very vague and general. Through our work together I was able to get much clearer about my ideal client and began the process of updating my website content to speak to my niche…

In addition, thanks to her Done-For-You content which I received in the program, I have more to offer my clients.The content is very well done. I feel good about offering it to my clients. I am very pleased with my progress working Ling and highly recommend her to anyone looking to move forward with their business.

The fact that she is also a Health Coach helped her fully understand me and my business and what I need to be successful. I plan on purchasing more of her done-for-you products so that I can get out and do the work I want to do without spending hours reinventing the wheel. Thanks Ling!”

– Katherine Merritt, CHHC, ADDP, on completion of her Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days Program.

“This is a great program for getting your business up & running. I found the done-for-you materials to be very professional and helpful in establishing the foundation of my business. The step-by-step instructions for changing the content on my website helped me transform my website from a generic health coaching site to target market specific site that positions me as an expert. Ling provided effective business coaching to help me zero in on exactly what I wanted to accomplish in my business and gave great strategies on how to do it.”

Natalie Meadows, CHHC, upon completion of her Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days Program.

Kris came to Slideberry looking for help with her big presentation and ended up with so much more! When she first started, she had no clients and was about to give up her health coaching practice altogether. While working toward preparing for her keynote speech, we upgraded her website with laser-focus messaging and a free gift to entice newsletter sign up. We also worked to upgrade her mindset and a month later – she was bursting with confidence and ready to take on the world! She filled her group coaching program and is jazzed to grow her business.

*all sessions must be completed within 3 months of your first session, unless otherwise agreed upon between client and Slideberry before the program begins.

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