Is Your Marketing Driven by Tech? Yes? Wrong Answer!

Here is what drives me nuts…

People who are stuck with launching their programs, products, or even newsletter (or a free gift to grow their list) because they can’t figure out the technology part, or the technology that they have access to (or know how to use) currently does not support what they want to do; or they make their clients or customers jump through numerous hoops to pay for and get their products or services because “the backend fulfillment is set up that way”. No, no, no. Cart before the horse.

Tough love moment – we are probably not doing anything so freakin’ groundbreaking that there is no software and tools out there that can support it. And, “not knowing how to” is not an excuse… learn it, or find someone who can do it. (I prefer that you learn it, even if you decide to outsource it later. You want to be empowered and have complete control of the operation of your business.)

Do not get held up by what technology (or your knowledge of it) currently “allows” you to do hinder what you want to provide for your clients or prospects. You start with their needs first.

Design what EXPERIENCE you want to offer your clients or prospects first, then find the technology to make it happen. You don’t start with the technology and “squeeze” the user experience into the limitations.

Anything and everything you do, make sure the end results is an easy-to-use, interactive and seamless user experience.

The more convoluted the experience, the more likely that your potential clients or customers will “drop out” – never completing the sales or sign up process with you.

See me rant about this in sunny SoCal (a 78 degree day in January – can’t resist to shoot a video outside!)

Need some help figuring out this tech thing and see how it can support you with what you do, and not have you work for it? Pick My Brain, and I will make all of it sound “so darn easy” for you in 30 minutes for less than $50. DONE.

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