Integrated Revenue System (The IRS that Makes You Money)

Here is a magic equation:

Awesome Content + Smart Strategies + Yummy Offer = REVENUE

Our Integrated Revenue System (IRS) has all the essential “inputs” covered so you can get to the “revenue” part of the equation faster, with more EASE and CONFIDENCE.

Leveraging content for your marketing and your offerings means you can create multiple streams of income and stop depending on the “pounding the pavement, hour-for-dollar, 1:1 model” as your only source of revenue.

The Key to Income Quantum Leap and FREEDOM in Your Life

The IRS are not just a “program”.

The IRS are not just an ebook.

The IRS are not just a powerpoint presentation.

The IRS are not just a set of handouts.

The IRS are not just a bunch of articles for your blog.

The IRS are…

COMPLETE SYSTEMS to move your peeps from the “getting to know you” stage to the “paying you for your offerings” stage

They are designed with your success timeline and your bottomline in mind.

They are strategically created through the lens of PROFITABILITY.

All the components are INTEGRATED to help you multiply the power of content marketing. No more getting an ebook there and grabbing a workshop here – and hoping that they will give you a seamless sales funnel.

In one complete package, you get:

  • Special Edition DONE-FOR-YOU Content – ready for customization and implementation so you don’t lose momentum trying to do your research and create your content.
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY Promo Copy – sales page and email follow up sequence to help you roll in the dough.
  • BIZ COACH IN YOUR POCKET Guide – smart strategies to help you learn while you implement.

Our current Integrated Revenue Systems include:

Now, you can get ALL 3 at a discount on top of discount bundle price!

For JUST $597 (SAVE $184) – you can take your biz to the next level – on the fast track!

Think about the time, effort, stress and sweat that you will save by having a SYSTEM for marketing + revenue generation – this is a done-for-you materials and learning opportunity rolled into one neat package – you will learn by implementing (and making $$). Then you can apply and adapt the strategies to take your business to the next level.

It is easy to write an ebook or come up with a ton of blog posts – coughing up the content is only one piece of the puzzle. If you are just sticking content up on your website without strategically guiding your potential clients to do what you want them to do (further engagement, purchase from you…) – it’s just a writing exercise.

Stop Writing Content

Start getting your content to work for your bigger marketing picture with GROW and REVENUE as the end goal.

Use Content to Build a Business that Supports Your Vision and Your Desired Lifestyle of FREEDOM

Get both ALL 3 bundles at the incredible pricing of $597!

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