How To Integrate Your Intuition With Your Business

Coaches, by nature, are very intuitive and empathetic people. They can deeply “feel” their clients, which enables them to go deep and create impactful transformations.

Even though being highly empathetic has some “downside” that can hold some people back from fully “getting out there” (I wrote about it in this post), it can also be turned around and used to your advantage in marketing.

Yes, Marketing! Your empath superpower is not just for connecting with people, understanding them at a deep level and helping them achieve lasting transformations. It can also help YOU attract the right people and get you more clients!

Using your intuition to support your business is way more than just slapping “love and light” “purple and pink, stars and curves” onto your website. It is more than “listening to your inner guidance” when you set some goals or make some vision boards, but after which you would put it aside so you can do the “nuts and bolts” stuff.

What if you INTUITION can be fully integrated
with the money-making bit of your BUSINESS?

There is a saying “Join the conversation in your prospect’s head” when you write your promotional materials. We, as Empaths, are in a very good place to do so!

You may say, “I have been following templates, taking courses, looking at others in my industry… but my sales page still sucks!” (If that’s you, check out my Sales Page Rehab.)

Here is the missing piece – you are following what others are saying or doing, but you have taken YOURSELF – your Empathetic Superpower – out of the equation!

I do some copywriting for my Platinum clients and they often tell me that the marketing materials I wrote for them sounded “just like them, only better!”

When I write for me clients, I do two things with my Empathetic Superpower:

  1. I connect with the energies of their ideal clients to “join the conversation in their heads” – really tap into their desires and challenges then express them in their own words. Often I found myself using words that I would seldom use personally when I am in the “zone.”
  2. I tap into my clients’ energies so the tone and personality of the writing will sound “just like them.” I don’t do a lot of thinking or trying to make things sound “right” at this stage – I just pour what came to me down onto the page.

After I got these “intuitive downloads” and noted them down, I then arrange and pretty up these raw materials into marketing content.

In this process, the “right brain” intuitive gut stuff leads the way – it reflects our essence and allows us to make deep connection with our audience (people buy with emotions, then justify with logics!) The “left brain” linear processing gets called in later to support the gut stuff, so it can be communicated.

When we take copywriting training, we are usually just taught the “left brain” stuff – which is great as a framework and structure, but lacks the “soul” that will set you apart and really speak to your ideal clients at a deep level (that’s what makes them buy!) Without true emotional connection, that stuff is clinical.

I would venture out to say that the “need” to follow a template and try to write to a particular format (out of lack of confidence) before you have the essence of your content nailed down is putting the cart before the horse. Templates and checklists are frameworks that helps you organize your content. The meat still needs to come from the very core of you.

Empathetic ability is very “right brain” – it is holistic, non-linear. It is a precious intuitive gift. If you try to “sit down and write a sales page” in a “left brain” linear manner, before you get the big picture, your intention and core essence  fleshed out, you are essentially dumbing down your superpower, denying a gift that can truly set you apart in the marketplace. People pay more when you articulate your uniqueness – and the first step is you embracing it.

3 Steps to INTEGRATE your INTUITION with your BUSINESS

1. Acknowledge

First of all, you need to acknowledge your intuition! Imagine you ask someone to do something for you using their special skills, yet you are denying her capability… how much do you think your friend will bust her ass for you? Same goes for your intuition.

It’s about paying attention to your intuition and noticing how it helps you in every aspect of your life. Start keeping track of the “happy accidents”, “oh, it’s just luck, I happen to be at the right place at the right time”, “it’s just a fluke” and acknowledge that really, there is no accident. YOU, your inner knowing and intuition put you in the right situation, or help you say/do the right thing.

Notice under what circumstances you get the best “hits” – e.g. in the shower, while walking, during meditation, half awake etc., and how they are communicated to you – e.g. voices, images, sensations etc. so you can really tune in.

For some, getting an intuitive hit feels like having a huge load dumped into their consciousness in a flash – so much information that there is no way it can be processed and expressed logically.

When you start paying attention, you may realize that your intuition is more powerful that you ever have thought. We are conditioned to discount those intuitive instances because they cannot be broken down into components, steps or a repeatable process. The Western society tend to devalue “intuition” because it cannot be quantified, or “scientifically proven”. What if we question this conditioning and ask – what’s wrong with “just knowing things” holistically in a non-linear, non-sequential manner?

If you have any judgment or preconception about “intuition” – the first thing is to DEcondition yourself, UNdo any skepticism and trust your GUTS.

My client V is a very empathetic and intuitive person. However, she has been having trouble “getting things done”. When we looked at her “procrastination problem”, she told me she has all the thoughts, ideas and information in her head but can’t translate them into words. She gets her “information” in big chunks, and in various “formats” such as sounds, music, colors, images etc.

She felt very discouraged and was beating herself up because she couldn’t seem to get much accomplished. But I was super excited and scream – that’s your intuitive right brain giving you a hell lotta good stuff!! The reason she wasn’t “getting things done” was because she tried to squeeze herself into the linear, “logical” box that tells us we “should” write, process information and communicate in a certain way.

Once we recognize that, we turned her “shortcoming” into her SuperPower. She stopped judging herself, doubting her capability or beating herself up. She became more confident and excited about her new way of expressing herself.

2. Unleash

As you become more aware of your intuition, you can direct it to help you with a particular problem.

First, you would ask the right questions – the brain is an interesting thing. You subconscious mind is driven to find the answer when a question is asked. When you ask the right questions, you will set yourself up to finding the answers that are aligned with your core essence.

After you ask the questions and reviewed all the necessary information (your mind needs some raw materials to process), don’t worry too much about it! Go about your day, and pay special attention when you are doing the activities that awakens your intuition (as noted in step 1) – you may even do more of those activities to give yourself more opportunities to connect with your inner knowing.

Put away any expectation of how the information is going to come through. It is unlikely that it will come as step-by-step instruction, or a word-by-word sales page. For some people it may be colors and images, for some it would be words and sounds, for some it may be feelings in their bodies, and for some, they would “just know.”

Record everything that comes through – you can speak, draw, paint, make a collage, write, or mesh up some sounds and music. Just dump out whatever comes through in whatever format that suits you best without worrying if it makes sense to others.

Most of the time, the right brain gets information and knowledge in one big holistic chunk so you may find yourself jumping from one thing to another, covering different aspects and perspective of a problem. You may even start and stop. Sometimes it took me weeks to flesh everything out before I sit down to process the information and put them in linear, communicable format.

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel scattered for a few days (and suspect you may have ADHD) – your inner knowing will tell you when this “brain dump” process is complete because you will be able to see the big picture, feel excited about the inspiration and be compelled to move onto step 3.

3. Materialize

After you have dumped out your “download”, now you can get your left brain to work and arrange the raw materials in linear, communicable format (e.g. a sales page, a manifesto)

If you are a visual or tactile person, I encourage you to put all your brain dump materials on the floor and physically move them around to arrange them.

Now, you can whip out your templates and checklists. E.g. If you are writing a sales page, you can set up “areas” – one for each component indicated by your template – and then assign your “brain dump” materials to each of these areas.

For some people, it helps to create a narrative stitching the various pieces together, especially when your download doesn’t come in words. You may find it easier to “tell your story” verbally instead of in writing. In that case, check out voice recognition softwares and apps like Dragon Dictate that will help you turn spoken words into text.

Then you just put the materials in those areas together in the order indicated by the template, connect the dots, polish it up and you are good to go!


Sometimes, when you translate your intuitive hits into “left brain” “business” stuff – especially if you are starting out and just “have some inkling” but can’t quite put a finger on it – it helps to get support so you can have the clarity and confidence to apply your knowing to the “3-D world”.

You can find someone to “talk through it” – e.g. you can tell a “story” based on your brain dump materials to make sense out of it. You can record the conversation and later translate the relevant parts into text so you can rearrange them in a linear fashion so you can communicate it to others.

Even better is to find someone who can see from a business perspective. This person will not only help you make sense out of your stuff but also to ask the right questions that will help you open up your imagination, stoke your creativities and reveal more possibilities within the context of your business. And I want to be that “someone” for you: if it feels good to your guts, let’s chat.

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