How To Increase Program Value Without Doing Extra Work

Do you want to raise your fees without adding more 1:1 or group coaching hours to your programs?

Do you want to raise your fees without even having to add bonuses, giveaways and anything else that will require more work from you?

Do you want to raise your fees right now, without having to wait for more experience under your belt, or more glowing client testimonials?

Here is the secret sauce – COMMUNICATION and POSITIONING

1. Program Description

In your communication, whether it’s in-person, over the phone, on your website or in a brochure, clearly and succinctly communicate who your program is for and how your ideal clients can benefit from working with you. Be specific and result-focused. Make sure your readers understand the value your program delivers  – if you are in a conversation with a potential client, you want to highlight the results and benefits specific to the pains, challenges and desires she just talked to you about.

The Killer Sales Page Template will show you the components you want to include in the program page on your website for effective communication.

2. Break Down All Components

To show your potential clients how much they are getting from your program, you want to break it down and list all the components they are getting when they work with you. E.g. x coaching sessions, email or text support, handouts, recipes, videos, bonus home-study program etc.

A lot of coaches just “throw things in” along the way and that is a sign of leaky/poor boundary. Instead of “throwing things in” and not charging enough for it, list out everything you would give a client in a program to help her get the best results. List them on your sales page and be compensated accordingly. No more “just throwing it in.”

3. Tie Features To Benefits

Now that you have broken down all the components – they are the “features” of your program. A long list of “features” is only going to take you so far – in fact, if your list goes on and on without any explanation why those features are important to your clients, it will look like a load of work – and people don’t like “work”!! Make sure you give each feature a little write up and describe how they will deliver the results you promise – this post will show you how.

4. Position Your Assessment Session

Many health and wellness coaches, in particular, would do an in-depth assessment before the clients start the program. If you do such an assessment, you may want to consider pulling it out as a bonus session.

Although such assessment is essential to the success of your program, some people have the perception that you are just asking a bunch of questions and they are not getting any new content or coaching out of the session. These folks will “feel better” if you don’t count that session as part of the 8 or 12 or 24 sessions they “purchased” as part of your program.

Of course, you would absolutely calculate the “cost” of that session when you price your program, but you would position it as a bonus. This way you will be compensated for the work and your clients will feel good about scoring a “bonus” session.


There is, of course, a lot more to designing, structuring and pricing your program. Yeah, that pricing piece… hmmm. But lucky you, I LOVE doing pricing and my clients get a load of clarity and much more confident when we lay the whole thing out in front of them. You see, it’s not just about numbers. After you put the numbers together, you need to be CONFIDENT in your enrollment conversation so you can ask for the money, and GET IT. To “get it”, you need the right money mindset.

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