Increase Perceived Value of Your Information Product – so that you can charge more!

After you created an information product, you want to make it a very juicy deal to entice people to buy from you. Here are a few ways to increase the perceived value of the product, so that you can charge more very little additional work:

  • Bundle – create bundle or package with a few of your information products that complement each other.
  • Bonus – add bonuses such as templates, cheat sheets, recipes etc. to make the deal more enticing.
  • Coaching – add a coaching component to make your package more “high-touch”. E.g. a monthly coaching call over a certain number of months, or an option to purchase sessions/program from you at a discounted price.
  • Community – add a community component, such as a closed Facebook group, member-only forum, or a membership site, so that your customers can support each other, share information and experience. This can be a place for you to address any concerns and questions, see how you can improve your products, and develop a deeper relationship with your tribe. You can create a group just for folks who buy a particular product, or if you already have a membership site, you can add a month or two of free membership as a bonus.

For everything you need to know about how to profit from information products, check out the Complete and Concise Guide to Creating, Positioning and Marketing Profitable Information Products.

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