I Am Grateful To Have A Business That Supports My Ideal Lifestyle

I want to share how grateful I am for having a business that allows me to live my ideal lifestyle – everyday – while providing me with a generous “full time” income working flexible “part time” hours.

This is my typical Wednesday:
9am – ride my Masi Soulville 7 (my “coffee run” bike… my other bike is a white Pinarello named Sparkly), 6-mo pregger belly in tow, down to the gym for my spinning class.
11am – after a good stretch and a nice hot shower (during which I often come up with 5 different business ideas!) I hit the farmer’s market for some giant strawberries and glowing kale or spinach.
12pm – ride home (along the Santa Monica shore front), enjoying the California perma-sunshine.
12.30pm – make green tea, turn on computer, delete a bunch of emails, and start work. I take no more than 2 private clients a day, so I never feel drained.
4.15pm – call it a day, get ready to take my 30-minute walk through a beautiful neighborhood to pick up my 2.5yo son from preschool.
5.30pm – home with lil’ monkey, play puzzles, matching game or tickle time. Poke through the fridge to get inspiration for dinner. Squeeze lil’ guy to mush any time I want.

Plus I know there is room to grow and expand my business and my income without having to “work” more (although nowadays most “work” doesn’t feel like “work”, compare to my cubicle-dwelling days).

There is no rocket science to it – it’s just about knowing how you want to design your business to support a lifestyle that you truly want. And I am not hoarding any secret. I have put together the Claim Your Freedom :: Build a Solid Coaching Business Online with Grace and Ease 6-week training program to share with you the steps and tools that I have used to create my “lifestyle-driven” business…

Along the way, here is what I realized:

  1. I like “quality easy” (as defined by Danielle LaPorte) – and I see tremendous potential in leveraging my skills and knowledge in products and using online marketing tools and strategies.
  2. I believe that money flows easily into my business.
  3. I believe that I do not have to struggle to have a successful and purposeful business.

When I say “I believe” – I mean screaming YES! from the top of my lungs; I mean knowing it in my core, in my bones – not just reciting affirmations from an intellectual place.

I appreciate you – much love.

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