How To Stop “Me-Too” Marketing and Take Competition Out Of the Equation

I am sitting down to write this post from a completely honest and vulnerable place. I am sharing what I just experienced in the past month. What I am doing is still work in progress – like life, it’s a trial-and-error. Live, learn and do it better.

I am putting this out in the open because I want to commit to a level of CLARITY that will benefit both my business and more importantly, you.

FEAR. Fear was what got this all started. Everyone has fear – that’s part of our emotion and I believe we should to embrace it, warts and all. The key is to look past the fear, stop being reactive and start being proactive.

What is your fear telling you? How can you turn it into inspiration and motivation?

During the month of April, there was a lot happening in the “done-for-you materials for health coach” space. Not only it seems like everyone and her aunt Betty has something “done-for-you” to sell, but there are also a bunch of “early-action” (yes, guilty, I had one of those for my List Engagement System launch), “Earth day celebration”, “one-time only”, or “because it’s April” discounts going on.

I don’t like operating from the place of fear and scarcity, but I did get into those modes once in a while. What I didn’t do this time was react from that place. I did not cough up some new stuff for sale just because. I did not do another sale (besides the one planned for new product launch). Those are both sound strategies, when applied to the right circumstances. But I didn’t want to do that from a place of fear. I want my products and marketing to come from a place of INTEGRITY.

Instead of putting on fire drills, I dug a little deeper to see why I did not employ those tactics. I know that if those tactics resonate with me, I would have no problem getting them “out the door” in a very short timeline. After spending some soul-searching, intense-thinking time in the steam room after some head-clearing yoga, I came out the other end with a lot of clarity on what my business is about, and what I want it to be for my clients.

What I Want Slideberry To Be For YOU

#1 I am NOT in the business of giving you some Done-For-You Stuff and say “good luck with that”

I want slideberry to mean using quality content and smart strategies to produce REVENUE for you. After working with a lot of health and wellness coaches and practitioners, I understand that the done-for-you content – although a critical part in helping you get over the content-creation hump and accelerate your timeline – does not give you all the pieces of the puzzle.

I don’t like to leave my clients hanging.

I looked at what made me jazzed when I was creating new products in the past few months. I LOVE putting together systems with sound strategies to show my clients how to effectively use the done-for-you materials to get the best results.

The most effective way for me to help my clients is to create SYSTEMS with REVENUE as the end goal. And I am pretty darn good at that. I want to help my clients not only with the content, but also on marketing the content and generating revenue from the work they put in.

I am about ROI, not busy work.

I am in the business of helping you generate REVENUE with content.

That’s why, instead of coughing up another piece of new shiny whatever, I revamped and silently re-launched the Wellness Workshop Series completed with PowerPoint presentations, promo flyer, handouts and STRATEGIES.

#2 I Am Not Here to Encourage Scarcity Mindset in My Clients

I can easily put up some sale and make me a nice payday. I said “nah” – I don’t want you to hoard some files that you may be using later just because it’s on sale. I want you to feel comfortable (knowing there won’t be a $50 discount 5 days later) buying what can best support you at the moment. You get what you need, when you need it, so you can take action without confusion.

Take this one from David Neagle: “Coupon Is From the Pit of Hell”

When you buy stuff just because it’s on sale and you may use it some day later. That’s “lack” mentality. I want you to know that I will be here when you need it. Yeah, there will be occasional early action discount and impulse flash sale, or maybe a birthday sale if I remember it. But I want you to cultivate a mentality of abundance – you can have it when you want it.

How I Want Slideberry To Be the Cool Kid In the Marketplace

I have that “rebel with a cause” in me. I question “the norm” and I like to do things differently if that means growth.

To be the “cool kid on the block”, you need a unique positioning. You can even make your unique selling proposition so, ar, “unique”, that you are the #1 in the category because you are the only one. Yep, that sets up apart and eliminates competition.

From #1 above, it’s clear what I want my business to be. Instead of being in the business of just pushing “done-for-you” whatever, I am going into the business of CONTENT + STRATEGIES = REVENUE.

Now I am cool because I am not just another gal selling an ebook, a program, or a handout to you, and you have to scratch you head and find a way to piece them together to make sense for your business.

Stop “Me-Too” Marketing and Take Competition Out Of the Equation

Here is how you can stop being “reactive” to what your competitors do – while adding much clarity, integrity, congruence and peace of mind to your business and your life:

  1. Get clear on your big vision – for yourself and for your business. What is your value? What do you want to stand for? What do you want for your client? When you have these criteria clearly defined, they will be the filter to guide your message, your strategies and your tactics. Your marketing will come from this calm place of knowing how you want to serve the world.
  2. Dare to be different. It’s ok to stand out and do something radically different from what your competitors are doing. As long as it is in integrity with #1 and makes business sense.
  3. Find your unique selling proposition. Nail that sweet spot where your passion, your expertise and a problem that people are willing to pay money to solve. Then look at your method, your offerings and your set of tools. What do you have that most of your competitors don’t?
  4. Put on the blinder. You don’t have to know every single thing your competitors are doing in order to “beat” them. If you tend to research till the cows come home, in the process deplete your energy and make yourself feel crappy – limit your market research time and unsubscribe if necessary. The more time you spend looking at other people’s stuff and feeling inadequate, the less time you are spending on doing the work that will move you forward.

Get clarity and strategies – what is it costing you to be sitting on the sideline?

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  1. Cheryl Bigus says:

    I love your work Ling, you are such an asset to your clients (like me)!

    • ling says:

      Thank you Cheryl! Always a pleasure to see you here!
      let me know how I can best support you… hope you are doing well!

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