How To Stop Hovering and Start Rocking – Your Life and Your Biz

It was 15 months into my biz.  Things were plugging along. I built a solid online business that allows me to leverage my time beautifully so I can hang with my 10-month-old and chase after my 3.5-year-old.

But deep down, I knew there is more. And I want more.

I want to grow – to expand as a person, and that first taste of building a biz my way showed me that this is the fastest path to fuel my soul and nurture my personal growth.

I want more. I have been “doing” a lot of things but somehow, although those “things” brought results, I knew they were also “busy work” that I created so I could avoid doing “that thing” that is the game-changer for my biz and for my development.

I have taken a few dozen trainings, programs and courses. I have attended numerous webinars and read a boatload of ebooks. I learned a ton of valuable stuff. But I also knew that getting to the next level does not mean taking another program that will inundate me with more “tactics” and “how-to’s”.

I needed clarity, focus, and a kick in the butt to deal with whatever that is I am “avoiding”. Group-programmed out (and done with having that 5 minute of fame in Q&A calls, if I am lucky), I knew for a while that I needed a coach to work with me 1:1.

I went about talking to many coaches, for months. I could not just hire one already. More excuses. Business was going ok, but the spark was not as bright.

Until I DECIDED that I had to STEP UP and STOP HOVERING.

I did not want to look back in 10 years and have that “what if I buckled down and work with a mentor…?” moment. Then I asked myself, “What do I have to lose? What is the worst thing to happen if it doesn’t work?”

The worst thing? 6 months and a good chunk of money.

What if it works? I will have a biz that I am in love with, bring in great money and give me the freedom I so desire.

I DECIDED I will stop living half-ass.

I DECIDED to jump in with both feet and say YES.

The day I stopped hovering was awesome. The blocks, the fears and the excuses I had to overcome changed my perspectives.

I am ready to create the next version of ME, of my biz, of how I can serve my peeps in a big way. I felt empowered to break free from what was holding me in place – not just in my business, but in my growth.

I had a load of butterflies in my stomach… do you know that the physiological responses for fear and excitement are the same?

Steps To Get YOU Unstuck, Stop Hovering and Step Up To Awesomeness

Stop hovering takes a lot of inner work. Strength. It’s tiring. It will make you want to curl up and suck your thumb.  But if you don’t stare it in the eye, you will be where you are 3 years from now – is that what you want?

Bite the bullet.

1. Are you willing to take on the IDENTITY of who you desire to be?

Step into that new you. Act from that place. Integrate that identity into every cell in your body.

Behave like the new YOU, and the new YOU will step up to the plate.

2. Do you truly BELIEVE you can become who you want to be?

Or, what beliefs are holding you back from living as the new YOU? Until all of you is on board (conscious, subconscious and your body), you will not fully arrive.

3. What DECISIONS do you need to make to take you where you want to be?

You cannot become the next, new and improved version of YOU if you make a decision from where you are today (it’s those decisions that make you stuck!). Make a DECISION from where you want to be – what would that new YOU do?

Make a decision with singularly focused intention, and go for it.

4. What ACTION you need to take based on your decision?

You can journal till you are blue, but unless you step up and do something… jump off that cliff, let go of the edge of the pool… you are just, journaling.

Act on it, try it on – does that feel good? If yes, keep it up. If not, course correct. Life is too short, at least you know what is not right and you eliminate that coulda shoulda.

Are you ready to stop hovering?

If you have made the decision to step up and rock your life and your biz, I will be honored to ride shotgun with you.


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