How to Overcome Price Objection

I was listening to an audio by Matthew Kimberly on selling over the phone and he talked about how to overcome price objection.

(Matthew Kimberly is a sarcastic Brit coach who lives in Malta and curses in his email newsletter… I like to sort out a variety of people to follow so I get difference perspectives. Yes, I do the usual Kendall, Fabienne, Ali, Dan and what not, but after a while I realize that it’s very similar principles and approaches taught in different style… plus, I like foreign accents – makes me pay attention. Again, I digress.)

Anyway, here is his simple answer to “How to over come price objection?”

“You Don’t!”

And, I agree:

You do not offer any discount because that will dilute the value your offerings. Never, ever offer a discount in this kind of situations.

What you can offer is a lower-priced, less comprehensive package or program that this potential client can afford, or willing to invest in, at the moment.

Which means you have to have a few programs at various price points up your sleeve.

I do not buy that you should have one and only one 6-month program.

I do not believe that just because you follow some “closing the deal” magic formula and you get your client talk herself into working with you, will mean that they will immediately pay you $2k or more for your big ass program after chatting with you for 45 minutes.

I believe that we should respect our clients’ pace and how much they want to invest with you (and how much they want to benefit from your services) at that certain point in time.

Hold the space for your clients.

Let them decide what is right.

Give them choices.

Do you have a one-month jumpstart program in place to offer those potential clients who are not ready to “take the plunge” but definitely are interested in trying you out? If you don’t, you may be missing out on capturing people who would later become a long-term client.

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