How To Keep Up Your Momentum

I am not the complain-y type. I believe in personal responsibility and I am super mindful not to fall into the trap of victim mentality.

But, if I may share with you, the month of May has been a rough one. There have been days when I felt I needed a fork lift to get me out of bed.

It started with my thyroid level going totally haywire – for 3 weeks, I suffered from the 9am slump that lasted all day (and I woke up at 8!!). Then when I finally got that figured out, the seasonal allergy kicked in and I had that “truck hit my head” feeling all day despite the “Zryt-egra” cocktail (and I lost my voice for 5 days). Right when my nose stopped dripping, my husband got into a bike accident and fractured his shoulder. Poor guy. Now instead of a helping hand (no pun intended…) I have to take care of 3 boys.

It has not been easy keeping the momentum for my biz while dealing with life’s monkey wrench. And I have slowed down respecting the need of my body. But I am not ready to just throw in the towel telling myself that hiccups can put me down – no sulking on the couch.

I do believe we can learn from any crap situation and come out stronger. I want to share with you today the simple things I did to keep up the momentum and stay focused for my biz.

Here are a few things you can explore to keep yourself focused and your momentum up – instead of going down the slippery slope of curling up on the couch and feeling bad for yourself when everything seems sucky.

  • Get Out of the House – go take a walk, get some sun, do something physical. This can change your perspective and give you room to see things differently.
  • Get Out of Your Own Head – those gremlins in your head like to pop up and have a party when things are not going well. Recognize them and find evidence in your life that they are wrong. Listen to something that inspire and motivate you. Switch out the negative thoughts with empowering ones.
  • Do Each Task for 15 Min – things need to be done, I know. Write down the tasks that you need to get done, then assign 15 minutes to doing each and see how you feel. You may get on a roll and keep going (yay!). If you stop, at least you have half a blog post or newsletter written – not too shabby either.
  • Do Something Empowering – do something that you are good at, that makes you feel productive and feel good about yourself. Pat yourself on the back.
  • Stay Visible – don’t hide and sulk! Make a point of doing one little thing to connect with your peeps. E.g. post one thing on your 2-3 social media of choice every day, and join in a couple of discussions.
  • Get On a Media Diet – so you don’t fall into the comparison trap. Delete and unsubscribe to emails so you don’t expense energy looking at others and leaving no juice left to do your work.

Take Consistent ACTION No Matter How Small

Action item for you: even if you are not in a rut right now (and I hope you are not), write down 5 things you can do to keep your momentum going when life throws you a monkey wrench, so you are prepared to stay motivated and empowered. It’s that much harder to come up with strategies when you are overwhelmed and under-inspired.

Bonus point: start integrating those 5 actions into your daily routine and make it into a habit. Now, no matter what happens, you are doing something to keep your momentum!

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