How To Find Your Ideal Health Coaching Clients On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for connecting with your target market if they tend to be working in the corporate world, are professionals or in the employee-related line of work. It allows you to share your content, establish your “expert” status and find potential JV partners.


Why LinkedIn?

The user demographic of LinkedIn can be particularly attractive to health and wellness coaches and practitioners because:

  • The largest audience is 35-44 followed closely by the 45-54 demographic. These folks are starting to see the “wear-and-tear” of “being around the block a few times” and don’t have the “I am invincible” mentality of the younger crowd. They tend to be very busy with career and maybe starting a family, which means they are starved for time and are willing to pay for results so they don’t have to do all the work (e.g. research and learning)
  • A big majority of LinkedIn users have received college-level education or higher. Researches have shown that people who have received higher education are also more likely to be health conscious.
  • The average income of LinkedIn users is $50-75k per annum, comparable to Facebook and higher than Twitter and Pinterest. Higher annual income can mean more disposable income to invest in health and wellness, and more likely to purchase coaching services to improve their overall wellbeing.


How To Find Your Peeps?

Posting on LinkedIn Groups is a great strategy to reach a lot of your potential ideal clients with one push of a button. (Look out for the next installment, with more tips on maxing your group post impact)

LinkedIn Groups are organized by professional interests, such as women entrepreneurs, corporate wellness, women lawyers, working mothers… etc., so your job in finding the right group to hangout in is to identify which group your ideal clients are most likely to belong to.

Obviously, there is no “mother who wants to lose the baby weight” group, but if you share you targeted content with members of the “entrepreneurial mothers” and the “working mothers” groups, you would probably get more than a few eyeballs. If you have taken the time to construct an ideal client profile, you would be able to easily identity the groups  your target market is most likely to belong to.

If you want to get into corporate wellness, besides the groups with names including the terms “corporate wellness”, you would also want to join those in which Human Resources or Employee Welfare folks tend to hangout. Then you want to listen to the challenges and questions around running corporate wellness programs, share your expertise , join the discussion and when you have gather enough “intel” you can craft your proposal and offerings based on the information you have gathered and reach out to members of these groups (you can connect with them and therefore send them private messages if you are in the same group, handy!)

Venture out – besides joining groups with other fellow health and wellness coaches and professionals, look for groups where your ideal clients are hanging out.


In the next installment, I will talk about how to set up your profile and make the most out of the time you spend on LinkedIn. Stay tuned!

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