How To Find Corporate Wellness Opportunities

By Kris Roach

In the world of corporate wellness there are many outside companies going after the business including health insurance companies as well as third party wellness businesses.  The benefit we have as a holistic health coach is that we speak a different language. We care about the whole person…mind, body and spirit. We think about the immune system and nervous system and keeping it healthy along with getting enough sleep and taking care of stress. Most businesses talking about wellness come at it from a numbers perspective. They want to talk about BMI, cholesterol and triglycerides. Many of them offer flu shot clinics and opportunities for employees to find out their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. It’s not that finding out these numbers isn’t important, but without education on what the numbers mean in relation to your body and how to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health the numbers mean nothing.

As a health coach, you can’t complete with these huge companies as far as the magnitude of offerings they bring to the table, but you can blow them out of the water on content that makes a difference. The hardest part is getting a contact within a company. Keep in mind that most of the time it is someone in HR that works on a wellness program. I recommend starting by networking with everyone you know in the corporate world. It doesn’t matter how big the business is you just need a contact name and phone number, and then you can sell yourself and your product.

Come up with a couple of presentations that you can market when you reach a HR contact on the phone. Ask a few questions about what they are currently doing and then explain how you do things a little bit differently. You may need to do this a couple of times before you get someone to say they are interested. That’s ok! It’s those phone conversations that will help you in developing your elevator speech. You need to find where their holes are and fill it for them.

Be ready to quote your rate to a perspective client.  I usually bid out a one hour lunch and learn that consists of a 45 minute power point presentation that they can print out ahead of time for employees to take notes on as well as 15 minutes for Q&A. Go online and see what your competition is charging, and price yourself competitively to get in the door.

Meet the Author

Kris Roach is a certified health and wellness coach in Minneapolis MN. After 15 years of running an outside sales business she went back to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and developed her own wellness company Her business changes as her journey into this career evolves. After dipping her toes into corporate wellness she decided she enjoyed being a motivational speaker on health related topics. Her passion is inspiring others to take control of their health.


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