How To Expand Your Reach + Get More Clients Without Changing Your Niche

Let’s say you are an expert in gluten-free lifestyle. And your sales message is “gluten-free diet”.

Who needs your service? Let’s image this pool of 100 people who are intolerance to gluten.

BUT, not all 100 of them are aware that they are intolerant to gluten. So let’s say 30 of them are aware.

Now, let’s say 10 of them are actively seeking help – e.g. googling “how to eat gluten free” – and come across your service. You have 10 potential clients and after discovery session, you signed 5 of them.

The other 20 out of the 30 that are aware, just kind of “live with it”, not knowing that if they seek help they don’t have to suck it up and actually enjoy a large variety of food again. They are not actively seeking help.

For the 70 left, let’s say 40 of them don’t feel so good about the issues they are experiencing, and they are open to solutions.

And the other 30, they just suck it up and don’t care. Don’t worry about them.

For the 20 who are aware but not actively seeking solution, you can EDUCATE them on how they can enjoy a ton of yummy food while living gluten-free and symptom-free. Now, because you gave them the info and open a door for them, they are more likely to seek out your services.

For the 40 who are not aware that they are intolerant, but know that they want to have their issues resolved – you can EDUCATE them on hot gluten may be the cause of their health issues. Because you point them to this fact, and give them a few tips, you can set up to be the solution provider to their problem.

Now, instead of 10 potential clients, you have a pool of 70. With a 50% conversion rate, you are looking at 35 clients, instead of 5.

That’s the power of content marketing.

In this case, there is nothing wrong to say that you are a gluten-free expert. But, if you lead your message with the issues that people experience because of gluten intolerance, and help them identify that gluten may be the culprit, you are grabbing the attention of more people. Way more.

“Gluten-free”, in this case, is the vehicle to the outcome/destination “no more digestive woes”. Sell the destination, not the plane. And make the airport security line sound easy…

Understanding your target market and tailoring the right message can greatly extend your reach. Find Your Brilliance – find the sweet spot where your expertise meets your market and tailor a message that rolls in the dough.

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