How To Become a “Natural” In Marketing

Many coaching clients come to me “hating” marketing. They don’t know what to do with this “part” of their businesses. They are confused, and they are afraid of doing the “wrong” thing.

There is a LOT of preconception about “marketing”. Most people see it as something outside of their core competence of being a coach, a practitioner or a healer. Their perception being that their passion and expertise is one thing, and marketing is a necessary evil that comes with having to make money so they can pay the bills and stay afloat.

What if that’s not true?
What if we see “marketing” as a tool that is
of service to your big vision and message?

From my experience, people who dread marketing don’t have a clear message. They are fumbling around trying to figure out what to say to “please” other people. Or to gain approval. Or to be accepted. Or to be “right”. And that’s a game you can never win.

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For me, marketing message is a natural extension of your big vision, your message, your truth. When you are willing to go through the fire, dig in and find what really, truly moves you, you have NO CHOICE but to show the world. Shout it out from the top of the mountain. Because it will be too painful to contain this message.

Your message is so powerful, so congruent and so aligned with your true being and your calling that it has NO CHOICE but to come alive. It is so strong that it overcomes your fear.

Yes it overcomes your fear – as if it has a life of its own and it’s burning in your chest – if you don’t get it out you will suffocate, or it will burst. You are just the vehicle for this divine message to come to life. Your marketing is about what your gift has to offer the world, not about you.

Take the pressure off – your marketing is not about you! You know what I am talking about – that itty bitty shitty committee that is judging you, asking you who the hell do you think you are, telling you there are many people better than you… etc. etc.

Go back to your powerful message. It’s doing nobody any good if it’s just sitting on your chest, or shared between you and your cat. Think about artists – when they have a vision for a painting/sculpture/piece of music, do they just let it swirl in their head? They start creating and follow the life of the art to bring it to fruition.

Every marketing communication is your art form driven by your message, your vision, your truth – trust that you will find the most powerful outlet by following your heart because it becomes inevitable that you will do what gives the most power to your message.

The core of successfully marketing your business is not Facebook ads, SEO, Twitter followers or email newsletter. The core is a vision, a message, a belief and trust in your truth so strong that you have no choice but to give it your all to share them with the world. With Heart and Guts.

Want to have a business that is a full expression of yourself? Make Art Have Fun – if you dig it, let’s hook up for a chat.

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