How To Be Super Productive

People are often surprised at how much I get done in a day after learning that I have two young kids (3.5 yo and 8 mos) and only work 4-5 hours in the afternoon.

I don’t do Red Bull, I don’t even drink coffee. I don’t have super power, heck, I don’t even have a sitter!

So I took a good look at my typical day, and here are a few productivity tips for ya:

  • I am focused – I don’t do any non-work related activities during my work hours unless they absolutely need to be done. (e.g. changing poopie diapers)
  • I am crystal clear – about my target market, my unique positioning, and what I want my business to DO FOR ME. I don’t spend time doing things that do not meet the criteria.
  • I make sure what I do is income-generating most of the time. I spend time every week on activities in the area of innovating my product offerings, creating valuable content for my peeps, growing and nurturing my list, and promoting my business so it stays top of mind for my target market.
  • I am crazy-disciplined when it comes to social media – the only things I do on social media are business and marketing-related during work hours. I participate in groups where my target market hangs out, I promote my offerings to a targeted audience and I connect with potential clients and partners through these venues.
  • I pick what I am inspired to do most on a given day, because when I am inspired, I bang things out fast, super fast.
  • I schedule all my calls and don’t take any personal calls during my work hours. I am super protective about my boundaries.
  • And, I type fast.

I can’t stand next to you to make sure you are not looking at kitty pictures on Pinstagram during your work time, but you can certainly PICK MY BRAIN to see how you can get crystal clear on your business and come up with a plan that will serve you best so you can be super-human productive.



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