Hook Up Your Freebie

You know you need to get a “Free Taste” on your website to

entice your target market to sign up for your newsletter so that you can grow your list,

start building a relationship with your target market

and cultivate that “Know, Like and Trust” factor.


You are overwhelmed by the mere thought of putting the freebie together,

setting up the forms in your newsletter service provider,

struggle with the code to get that sign up thingie on your website

and make it somewhat decent looking.


Your gift is in health coaching, why spend the whole day

wrestling with that Mailchimp monkey while you can get out there and score two clients?

Yes, I hear you loud and clear, that’s why I am putting this package together. If you are using the IIN website platform or WordPress platform for your website, and you know you need a little nudge with growing your list with a freebie, you are in luck!

What is included in this package:

In this package, you will save yourself a ton of sweat and tear, and have the whole sign up sequence hooked up for you in no time.

example of a sign up call to action

A sample of sign up call to action – it will be designed to match your brand identity and website palette.

  • A Done-For-You Special Report or a Done-For-You Content package of your choice (up to $29 retail value)
  • Minor formatting assistance and recommendations on finalizing your free gift (1 round of revisions)
  • Newsletter sign up form sequence set up for you (using your newsletter service provider), with the download PDF link incorporated (1 round of revisions)
  • Sign up call-to-action graphic created and sign up box added to the side bar area of the IIN website template
  • Freebie PDF uploaded to IIN platform for download

(If you decide to create your freebie in other format, e.g. .mp3, that’s fine too. You may need to set up your own Dropbox account, upload the file and send me the link if the file size exceeds 8MB.)

What is expected from you (really, minimal work!):

  • Provide final freebie to me for uploading (I prefer that you do some writing that reflects your brand… I can write the whole thing for you, but then you will sound like me and that’s probably not what you want)
  • Provide copy for the sign up graphic (just a few lines!)

And the process is simple:

Another example to show a call to action integrated with sign up fields on the side bar.

  • You send in payment using the “buy now’ button below
  • You let me know which done-for-you material you want to receive, and it wil be delivered to you via email
  • You send in the freebie, and I can do a once over for you with some recommendations if you like
  • You send in the finalized freebie and copy for the side bar graphic, plus login info for IIN and your newsletter service provider (i.e. Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc.)
  • I do all the heavy lifting, then you just sit back and review the sign up form sequence and the sign up graphic for your website – we will do 1 round of revisions, make any final changes and you are all set to grow your list!

Feeling ambitious?

Get these “add-on” services (you can send in payment after we have determined your needs):

  • Adding Mailchimp sign up to your Facebook fan page – $47
  • Having your newsletter template set up for you using Slideberry’s Magical Newsletter Template format – $77
  • Any additional coaching or technical help at my very affordable hourly rate of $80

Are you ready to rock n’ roll your list with a freebie – hooked up for you in no time?

For just $247, you will get a Done-For-You Special Report or a Done-For-You Content package to get your rolling, guidance on finalizing your freebie, newsletter sign up sequence all lined up, IIN side bar loaded with sign up graphic and field, and your freebie uploaded so that the entire process is automated.

If you are a Mailchimp user (hey it’s FREE, why not?), you get a $40 “monkey discount”! (tip: Mailchimp can import your Constant Contact list directly!) (I am not getting kick-back from Mailchimp, I just like the monkey and think it’s a good service, yeah, and it’s free)

You pay only $207!!


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