Guest Blogging/Contributor Opportunity For Holistic Wellness Website

I have come across this opportunity and want to share with my peeps. This website is looking for guest contributors on topics of nutrition, environmental sustainability and relationships – which I think is right up your alley!

Here are the details:

Yoffie Life, a soon-to-launch holistic wellness website, seeks motivated and passionate experts passionate about their work.  Specifically seeking professionals with an expertise in nutrition, wellness, intimacy, personal finance and environmental sustainability.


A soon to launch healthy living website is seeking to provide useful wellness information, tutorials and tips related to living a healthy, organized, well-rounded lifestyle.   The primary wellness topics of the site will link to and cross-reference each other to provide maximum information to the readers while also illustrating the multitude of benefits to living a healthy lifestyle.  Writers should have an expertise in one or more of the following topics: nutrition, health, cooking, exercise, organization, relationships and personal enrichment.


Creative and talented writers to join a writing team that has a mindset of working together “with” the website rather than “for” the website. Writing style should be a balance between friendly and professional.


Short but substantive informational articles and opinion-based articles in various styles ranging from “top 10” to “how to” to articles that share basic and accessible information.


Seeking “easy,” accessible and everyday advice on nutrition based on a balanced, locally grown, whole foods diet.  Articles should address “common” questions and concerns for the benefit of the general population, such as the reasons for drinking water, prevalent health concerns such as the relationship of food to cholesterol, migraines etc….

Also seeking experts who specialize in pre/post natal nutrition, the relationship between nutrition and menopause and the relationship between food and lifestyle.

Personal Finance

Seeking “easy,” accessible and everyday advice-based articles based on the quest for a financially sound life.   Articles on building a savings, improving your credit and staying away from debt may be possible topics.

Environmental Sustainability

Seeking “easy,” accessible and everyday advice-based articles based on making small life changes to your life to improve the environment.  Articles on arm vs. fresh fish, organic versus local versus Costco, recycling, climate change, offsetting your personal carbon footprint and alternative energy at home and nationally may be possible topics. 


Seeking “easy,” accessible and everyday advice-based articles based on intimacy and the relationship between intimacy and wellness.  Therapists, psychiatrists, relationship counselors and experts on communication and intimacy are welcome.


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