Grow Your List Fast – “Invitation” Page the “Quick and Dirty” Way for $0

An “invitation page” is just a page where people come to complete one action and one action alone – sign up to get your free gift and be added to your list. This page is stripped of all distraction – no navigation, no sidebar, no links to other pages. People read about your free gift, find it enticing, and fill in the fields to get their freebie and in the process also get added to your mailing list.

This kind of page can be very effective in helping you grow your list – you advertise your free gift, give people the URL of this page, and the only action they can take is to sign up. This avoids the distraction of sending them to your website, where they may get side-tracked by your other content then leave your site without signing up, or they may just can’t figure out where to sign up and you miss the opportunity to connect to another potential client.

If you have a WordPress site, there are themes and plug-ins specifically for this kind of landing pages. However, if you are not ready to invest, need an “invitation page” for your event tomorrow, don’t want to go through the technical headache, or can’t wait for your “web guy” to get around to it – I will show you a quick and dirty way to get you started. This is also a great workaround if your website platform (e.g. folks using the IIN website platform) does not allow “moves” like stripping away the nav and the sidebar.

Here are the steps to creating a “quick and dirty” “invitation page” with no extra cost (when I talk about email newsletter service provider and setting up forms, I try to keep the process to the most basic and generic steps. However, I don’t have experience with all of the providers out there so the process may vary. I do know that it will work for Mailchimp and Constant Contact):

  1. Have your freebie created and uploaded (e.g. onto your website platform, or onto Dropbox) – here is some tips on creating an awesome freebie. Note the URL to use for step 4.
  2. Sign in to your newsletter service provider, then start to create a form for a list (that would probably be your main/house list)
  3. Now you go through the process of creating a form. The first page/step will be adapted to become your “invitation page”, so make it good – most likely, this will be your “first impression”. On this page, where the fields for people to sign up will appear, is also where people will learn more about your free gift and decide to give you their info. Make sure you have a good description of what they are signing up for, the benefits of it, maybe a little bit about yourself and why you are qualified to share this information with them etc. A couple of images would also help increase the level of engagement. Make it look enticing, make it look good.
  4. Go  through the rest of the form set up process. When you get to the final confirmation/thank you page or email, include the link to download the freebie (which you have uploaded in step 1). Make sure you offer a next step. It could be telling people about your program or product, or inviting them for a discovery session. Since most people who got directed to the “invitation page” would probably have bypassed your website, you want to make sure there is a link back to your website so that they can learn more.
  5. Grab the URL of the sign up form (i.e., the first page in the sequence, now your “quick and dirty invitation page”) and go to or to create a custom short link. Something easy for people to remember and type in – e.g. Now you can use this custom URL in your promo materials that will specifically drive people to sign up for your free gift and get onto your list.
  6. If you want to track where the traffic is coming from (e.g. post on various social media) you can create different links for each posting – this will allow you to track click-throughs.

Want to have a freebie on your website, but intimidated by all the content creation, formatting, and actually setting up the forms in your newsletter service provider, struggling with the code to get that sign up thingie on your website?

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