Got an eBook to Sell? 4 Simple Steps to Automate the Process for $0

An eBook or other information products (e.g. home study programs with audio and handout components) are great ways to generate passive income – you do the work, set up the sales and download process, kick back, relax, and get paid – set it and forget it. If you are just starting out and only have a handful of information products for sale, you can automate the process using your existing website platform, a free Dropbox account (for larger files if you have an audio component) and a PayPal account. No extra cost (yipee!) – you don’t have to sweat over setting up a shopping cart yet 🙂

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Upload the PDF of your ebook onto your website platform (e.g. IIN health coach website, WordPress). If your info product contains multiple components, such as PDF and mp3 files, you can create a zip file and upload it to your Dropbox “Public” folder. Grab the URL for downloading the file.
  2. Now create a new page on your website – this is your download page. Include the URL for downloading your file – which you set up in step 1. Note the URL of this download page. Now make sure that this page is hidden from your website’s navigation – you don’t want everyone who goes to your website to have access to the files, right?
  3. Log onto your PayPal account, and create a “buy now” button. On step 3, you will find a field that you can provide a URL to which the buyer will be directed to after the payment is completed. Enter the download page URL into the field (which you created in step 2), and make sure the box is checked. Finish creating your button, and grab the code that you will be inserting into your sales page.**
  4. Create a sales page for your product, include the code for the PayPal button you just created in step 3. Now your customers can click that button, go through the PayPal payment process, and be directed to the download page without you lifting a finger.

** The PayPal redirect function does not automatically redirect the buyers to your thank you page. The buyers have to click on the “Back to [Merchant Name] Website” link after completing the purchase in order to be redirected. You should mention this on your sales page (close to the Buy Now button) that after purchase the buys should click on that link in order to get to the download page. Also, understand that not everyone will read everything and remember, I recommend that you do a batch follow up at the end of each day, sending everyone who purchase your product that day the download page link (use bcc so you don’t have to send out a dozen emails!) 

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