Giving Away Too Many Free Sessions?

We have been told to give free initial sessions when we give talks etc. to connect to prospects. Well, all good, except when you have 20 people sign up and after they get the freebie none of them become a client! Then it becomes an energy drain without any rewards!

One way to make sure you are not just giving giving and giving, is to create an “application” form for those who are interested in getting a free consultation with you. When you are giving a talk, you can say something along the line that you are giving away free discovery sessions ($xx value) but you have limited time on your schedule. To make sure you talk to the folks that you feel can benefit most from your services, those interested need to either leave their email address for you to send them an application, or to fill out an application on the spot. Either way can be fine – if you like working via email, the first option will be a great way to weed out people who are not comfortable with technology, plus saving some trees.

The questions in the application are less important than the fact that people are taking the time to fill them out. You can weed out people who give you two-word crappy answers – they are probably not serious about their health goals and learning about how you can help them. Plus, if they are really serious about fixing the health concerns, they may write themselves into buying your service even before you talk to them!

With their “application” in hand, plus a health history form that you prospects fill out prior to the discovery session, you will have an excellent picture of what their PAINs are, and which of your programs/classes they may be most interested in. You can get them to reiterate quickly what they wrote in their own words so you know what REALLY bother them. Plus, you get them to remind themselves why they are talking to you. Because you are not spending time trying to figure out what their problems are, you can spend more time telling them how you can help them… SOLD!

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